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Desert Bandit Camps

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I've been clearing every other bandit camp easily even before the nerf a while back on realistic difficulty. My issue with the Desert Bandit Camp however is that there's no good spot to take cover or station your units. The aggro range is pretty much the entire entrance. It just feels poorly designed compared to the other camps. I'm talking about the camps where you start from a valley in the desert, not the more open version that spreads both ways. You're basically having an archery shoot out with no cover for the first part of the invasion.

With every other camp, there are multiple areas where you can station units or hide behind. This particular one starts off in a narrow one-way entrance with bandits placed all around. I hope this can somehow change by either giving us another pathing option or change where the bandits are.
Just to stress, I'm fine with more bandits (pre-nerf). It's the camp's layout that I have an issue with.
You probably don't remember the tagarovings in the early days, desert camp is the most balanced right now, I think the others should be pulled down to this level as well. One should not enter the bunker and just say f1 f3 and win.
Like I said, I remember everything from the early days and I was clearing everything on realistic difficulty. So I disagree. ":Balanced" is a weird response to what I described. There's literally nothing you can do outside of an archery showdown in the camp I'm talking about. I'm too lazy to screenshot. So if you don't understand the chokehold entrance I'm talking about, I'm just gonna have to disagree with your opinion there. I have no issues with 40-60 bandits on realistic difficulty as long as I was given the opportunity to do things. Your suggestion actually helps my argument. Also, I never use F3 in camps lol. That's so pointless.

People complained about the forest bandit camp, but that's more balanced to me than the desert camp. You can easily hide behind trees and clear 1-2 spawn points before moving.

To avoid confusion, it's this shown in the image I'm talking about. It's a one-way entrance that leads to 3-4 bandit spawns that aggro once you hit the patrol inevitably. Don't misconstrue what I'm saying like Thinker above. I do not need a nerf.
When I say balanced, I'm talking about the first cave-front encounter. I just think that the bunkers should give this air.
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The only real "tactic" in this camp is to hide behind a rock, which can be shot at from 2 different angles once you aggro the patrol. There's nothing you can do without simply relying on a bunch of archers doing a shootout. Searaiders, mountain bandits and the easier desert bandit camps all had hiding spots and more spread out spawns. Forest bandits have trees to hide behind. This one I'm showing however is a straight up 10 vs 10 firepower showdown.
Welp, I loaded the save file and checked again. Happens I was talking about the steppe bandit camps. Forgot they existed in bannerlord.
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