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Mod Calradia: TOTAL WAR alpha 0.1


Mod concept
Realistic life-simulated game world in the setting of Native. Afterwards it is planned to move the mod to a different concept, out of Native and into early and middle Middle Ages.

ATTENTION ! Modders (and testers  are needed, mainly to create scenes, but most work would be helpful. Any opinions and suggestions are welcomed. And leave the found bugs on this page.
In Calradia it is TOTAL War. War parties are attacking from all sides, they're taking castles, and burning villages; peaceful lands are attacked by infinite raiders. Throughout Calradia, men are beginning to defend their land, organizing into militias, and sending detachments to their lord. On the wild stretches of Calradia merciless bandits and headhunters are destroying the people, and the Dark knight threat is looming.

Will the player be able to change the outcome of the conflict? What will he prefer, joining the hardened inhabitants of snowed over lands - Swadians or the masters of the steppes - Vaegirs? Or will he choose to control Calradia for himself? The choice is yours! And the owners of the deserts - the Khergits or even the Calradians themselves might become your enemies in this epic struggle for survival, in the man-forgotten desert that is WAR!

Storm impregnable castles, wipe out defenseless villages, help your honorable allies, defeat the evil enemy and you will be successful!
General Features:

Life–simulated strategic Ai,  Ai strum castles, attack villages , and make many other things. Player may make own kingdom – take enemy castles and villages and grow troops, training troops in own castles.
Main fractions:

Calradia - the people living in central Calradia, rely mainly on mercenaries, otherwise, weak troops.
Swadian - came out of the snowed over provinces, fulfill the knightly codex of honor, numerous and strong infantry.
Vaegir - steppe barbarians, weak infantry, numerous cavalry.
Khergit - desert nomads, weak infantry, numerous cavalry.
Black Khergit - black desert nomads of the middle sands, live close top oasis’s, numerous cavalry.

Lesser fractions:

Manhunters - headhunters who came out of nowhere, they say they take away slaves on big ships to unknown lands.
Bandits - the numerous thieves and bandits have captured several castles, although among them are several knights who have gone on the path of criminality and revolt.
Dark Hunters - mysterious dark knights, they make raids on settlements, and take them away to their castles. Rumors has it that they sacrifice their prisoners to their dark god.

Village - peasants live in it, and they constitute the militia. Here most of them are born, trained and die. The player can spend the night in an allied village. If it belongs to him then he can garrison troops here, and defend it if he is close to it at the moment of the attack.

Castle - Strong point, prisoner dump, the militia come here. Also this acts as a gathering point for various knight with their households, when they come to serve their lords. Also the militia are trained here. The player can spend the night in an allied castle. If it belongs to him then he can garrison troops here, and defend it if he is close to it at the moment of the attack.
Towns - Here you can hire mercenaries (from the local allied settlement), sell/buy weapons, and begin service for the main fractions.(now only Swadian or Vaegir )

Farmers (Peasants) - farmers move from one village to close one.
Militia (Scouts) - militia detachments, they patrol the area, and come back home in the evening. Also if they capture prisoners they return home.
Reinforcement - reinforcements move from the closest settlement to the castle and move prisoners.
Patrol (Raiders) - The detachment comes out of the castle and patrols close to enemy settlements. Also if they capture prisoners they return home.
War Party - The detachment comes out of the castle and attacks the closest enemy settlement, They return home if they capture many prisoners.
Prisoner Train - comes out of the castle if the enemy has captive allies, trades them over (in proportion, depending on level, i.e. 1 knight = 5 militia), then goes into the nearby friendly castle.
Caravan - Comes out of the castle, moves between the fraction's settlements, and if they have prisoners they return home.
You can now join any battle, and you will be on the side of those who your relation are better. You can join sieges, from both sides, and defend your castle/village if you're nearby when you attacked.
The sizes of the loot have been changed.(in proportion from enemy and ally troops)
There is now a set chance to flee from the battle: 5%.
New capturer system for player
Faction relation low if they combat.
In future version:
Bug fixing
Fog of War
Different scenes for all the settlements
More party types
NPCs in Settlements
Build buildings in settlements
Controlling allied and your own military
Military quests from leaders of allied fractions
The battle AI will be made better.
Special thanks: Morgoth2005 for help in translating this description and all Russian community for moral help and good suggestions.
Armagan for Greatest Game ALL Time Ever
In mod used scenes by:
Village Scene    by: Iberon
Castle Scene by : StormOrjin

Installation -
Press on upper button, and take path for game (M&B directory), after down-left button for run install.


ATTENTION ! Game is stack in morning time  for few seconds - scripts spawn in calculated, just wait !
TO ALL : If You like mod, not be too lazy, goto on Repository and will vote in Rating (even for potential ; ) )

Same screens:Strat map

Defend castle

Attak castle
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