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Give us an engineer class (or loadout for peasant class), with the ability to deploy stakes so we can create stakes around catapults and other places cavalry hits all the time.


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It would also be great to see some kind of field artillery in the game. Something related to scorpios, maaaybe even a small catapult. Yes, it would be highly impractical in most cases for field battles without gunpowder, but fun and interesting battles is good. Together with engineers, we could have a dynamic battefield

*Edit* Could also be more relevant for a hybrid siege-battle situation.


You're asking too much lmao

Want to throw corpses with field onager to lower enemy morale!

It's sad that there are many good suggestions and ideas in the forum but and if the devs ever notice them I doubt that they will have the ability to implement them.


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This would be cool and a good use of the class system. At the very least, Siege maps should have stakes pre-deployed that damage cavalry riding into them, they should be able to be destroyed but it'd be a nice way to help resist the storm of cav.
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