Demon Mod (Download and original thread) (new 0.9 patch)

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Bad Idea

testing session today:

Got killed by demons many times. Must remember to adjust demon strength

Slawtering fell in love with the shadow class

Bad Idea

Progress update!!!

Demon Mod is going public the week before Easter!!

The mod so far (what it's got):

Factions (changed slightly from the planned versions)
Swordsman - Heavily armored, with 2 handed swords. Can carry throwing axes for limited ranged attacks
Archer - Carries slow but powerful longbow. Unlocks heavier armor than other ranged classes
Holy Knight - Basic knight with holy throwing axes, and grenades. Other powers planned for the future

Grey Knights
Guardian - Shield bearing footmen with good armor. High survivability
Watchman - Sniper class. Unlocks grenades and Holy Bullets at higher levels
Lancer - Best lancer in the game, period

Assassins (so far only has 2 classes)
Shadow - Teleporting ability. Carries light sword and shield. Fragile but most very useful
Archer - Fast, agile class with poisonous ranged attacks. Can slow down approaching waves

(other factions are left standard. Sweden is pretty badass anyways so no worries :mrgreen:)

Features in the mod:
troops and equipment upgrade slower and continue until wave 20-25
troops can summon, use grenades, teleport, and use poison
enemies get a complete upgrade for veteran and elite waves, instead of there being just more
maps are always set to night time
lots of new armor
special new voices
48 total enemies that you will never mistake for each other


Grandmaster Knight
Please credit all of the people's stuff you're using in this mod before you have a public release, including things made by me and Luii, Barf and others :smile:

Bad Idea

ulfardarri said:
Sorry but I am unable to open CommonRes/New_textures.Brf :S :S :neutral:
That is a problem with your version of With Fire And Sword, or maybe you're running it on Warband?
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