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The Deluge Naval Cup is a small new tournament on the Deluge mod, centered around ship battles. Clans will fight under the banner of their chosen faction, manning 10-cannon pinnaces in a contest of sailing, shooting and ship crew efficiency.

The tournament format might undergo some changes as we evaluate how test matches are played out under the current format(match length etc.).
The tournament will start as soon as enough teams have signed up, hopefully by the end of the current Deluge tournament. We're currently gathering interest.

§ 1 Tournament Format
- The tournament is a double-elimination knockout format, meaning a team is only out of the tournament if it loses two matches.

§ 2 Maps & Factions
- Available factions: Sweden, Poland. Every team chooses a faction they'll play as during the entire tournament.
- All matches are played on the Lion Pinnaces 1vs1 map, weather conditions: Spring, Clear, Midday.
- The lion pinnaces have 10 cannons(5 per side).

§ 3 Match Format
- Matches must be played with a minimum of 9(1 captain + 8 crewmen) players per team. If both ship crews have more people available on the server, both teams can agree on a higher amount of players.
- Every ship can have a maximum of 1 captain class.
- All other classes are free to choose as any team sees fit(Canoneers, Sailors, regular infantry etc.).
- Matches are played in a best out of 5 rounds format.
- Match settings:
  • 100% friendly fire
  • 14s respawn period
  • Round time: 10 minutes(600 seconds)
  • Starting gold: 1000
  • Combat gold bonus: 100%
- If both ships are still alive at the end of the 10 minute round, the team with more sailors alive wins the round.

§ 4 Team Rosters
- Every team has to provide a roster consisting of at least nine players and their respective ingame IDs before being accepted into the tournament.
- Should a player not be on a roster and play for a team, then, if eligible to play for that team, that player will be treated as a member of that team and will be added to their roster.
- It is strictly prohibited for a player to play for more than one team during the tournament.

§ 5 Dealing with naval mode bugs
- It is possible that at the start of a round, players(usually one) spawn on the opposite team's ship. In that case, the match referee will reset the round until all players are spawned on their ships and the round can begin.

[B]Ship name[/B]:
[B]Team Tag[/B]:
[B]In-game faction:[/B] Poland/Sweden
Contact 1:[/B] (Taleworlds & Steam)
[B]Contact 2:[/B] (Taleworlds & Steam)
[B]Roster: [/B]
[spoiler]Player Name - ID[/spoiler]

Gameplay tips & how ships work
Captaining/steering the ship
- Find the ship rudder at the back of the ship and tap F to 'Steer the ship'.
- Use W, A, S, D to move the ship in the water and the arrow keys(or mouse) to move the camera view around the ship.
- Press B to begin boarding an enemy ship if close enough, however for this to work both captains have to press B and agree to boarding.

Operating cannons
- Important keys: Alt(alternate use), F(use)
- To fire a cannon, you need to have a linstock equipped and tap F while the cannon is loaded or point the linstock using an attack close to the cannon fuse.
- After shooting, add powder to the cannon by holding F.
- After powdering, insert ammunition into the cannon. You can press the alt key before holding F to alternate between cannonball(damage against ship hulls) and grapeshot(explosive shrapnel damage against sailors) ammunition.
- After adding ammunition, ram the cannon by holding F with a ramrod equipped.
- The cannon is now ready to shoot. In this phase, before you fire the cannon, you can press alt to bring up options to aim lower or higher(-6 to 6 range) and then tap F to adjust aim accordingly.

Thanks to the WRC administration for letting me borrow some rule templates.
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Reserved, gonna use this thread to see if there's interest from the Deluge community to host this.
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<<<This entry is no longer actuel.>>>
Ship name
: Mokra Lisiczka (Wet Vixen)
Team Tag: Lisowczycy
<<<This entry is no longer actuel.>>>

-Jak lecicie na 3/4 żagli, 6 węzłów na przechyle baksztagiem to nie boicie sie wypierdolić?
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Ship name: Swieta Janina (Holy Janina)
Team Tag: DonC (some play with ChD tags cuz they were in ChD)
Banner(Optional): Most of us have different baners
In-game faction: sweden
[B[Contact 1:[/B] Steam: Kekiatko (he dont have account here :/)
Contact 2: Steam: bananowy miecio, talewords:miecio
Roster: babcia/bestia_z_wadowic, JaglaK, Adolgy, Krou, Romulus, Darke, bananowy, Zaglob, Dyzar, browarx/samuraj
Player Name - ID
Adolgy- 3901061


Ship name: Wadowicki Tropiciel (Wadowic's Tracker)


Team Name: Prawobrzeżny Związek Kajakarski im. Matki Boskiej Cieszyńskiej
(Right-bank Kajak's Union of Our Lady of Cieszyn)

Team Tag: KsC-PZKiMBC

In-game faction: Sweden

Contact 1:
Contact 2:
Contact 3:

1. Mazurczyk 2108928
2. FeezY 3088873
3. Gabriel 1765637
4. Jaximus 4494262
5. Manka 2412981
6. Igarashi 3695526
7. RedRevenge 3820339
8. XnraD 4067105
9. CiomcioLomcio 4169482
10. Nick 3519505
11. Szot-1980 3939593
12. Trevozo 3911648
13. KrysPIN 3145835
14. Pulchny 3995009
15. Nearch 2412592
16. Walo 3371588
17. Żyćko 4224464
18. Legion 3374502
19. Demitek 4725027
20. Killforskill 3759529
21. Fridericus 1728684
22. Zorius 2314186
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Ship name: Mokra Lisiczka (Wet Vixen)
Team Tag: Lisowczyk
In-game faction: Poland
Contact 1: Steam: Majero
Contact 2: Steam: Haytymir TaleWorlds: Hayymir
Roster: soon
Player Name - ID
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hello free agent, looking for a crew

class: pew cannons, sailor, swimming, fist fight and can cook oneminute-rice in 58 seconds.

plz pm me :smile:


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There's enough teams from the Polish Deluge community and a few not signed up NW ones atm, however the tournament won't start just yet.

There's an ongoing mercenaries and upcoming native stuff I'm gonna be very busy with. I'll see if I can find someone from the Polish community that'd be willing to host this with the format & servers provided.
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