Delegating a formation's command should level up the tactics/leadership of the formation's captain.

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Hello just joined and learning how to navigate this site, so from first glance I don't know if this has been suggested yet so sorry ahead of time if it's already been suggested.

As of right now, I feel like leveling up a companion/offspring's tactics a little too difficult/rare. I've had my daughter lead her own party for a quite a few game months now and she only has 19 tactics with all 5 focus points invested. And we've been going around fighting 500+ troop armies (under my call-to-arms).

I think delegating command to a formation's captain - or even just having them as captain considering certain perks also buffs their respective troops - is a good and natural way to level their tactics (or even leadership as well) as it feels like I'm "training" them instead of giving them a small army and tossing them into the deep end with a risk of getting them captured or killed.
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