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No, I didn't use any mods.
Summary: Retreating from a battle after a character has been killed, then disengaging from the enemy party on the campaign map, results in that dead character's actual death being delayed. The next time you finish a battle (any battle), that character will die. If you move/wait on the campaign map for a certain amount of time, the character will die as well. Until that point, the character is alive, and can be spoken to etc.

How to Reproduce: Manually fight a battle until a named NPC is killed (as opposed to being knocked out), then immediately retreat from that battle and disengage from the battle. Character will be alive. Fight & complete another battle, and death will 'catch up' to the character.
Have you used cheats: No
I don't; I don't currently have 1.5.8 installed, as I don't think it's possible to have multiple versions installed at once, and I'm still playing a 1.5.6 campaign.
In my bug confirmation thread in General, another player tested and confirmed that this bug occurs on latest version, unmodded.

There are a lot of bugs that I've found that I don't report because of my version being a few behind latest, so I created a thread in General for players to confirm if they experience those bugs in latest version. Most haven't been responded to either way, but this one got a test & confirm.

Here's a link to that list, if you're interested:

MArdA TaleWorlds

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It would be great if you can open threads in the technical support board for each bug if that's not a hassle for you. Having separate topics makes our part of the job and the tracking of the issues fairly easy.
Honestly, it is a hassle, especially since most of my reports get shot down for one reason or another (e.g. the reasons I mentioned in my previous post, and in the OP of the linked thread).

I'm almost done my 1.5.6 campaign, and after that, it's a toss-up whether I put the game down for a while, or update to latest version and start doing serious beta work. I'll be blunt: open beta testing is unrewarding, with a very poor reward-to-effort ratio. The big issue for me is how much energy input is demanded, compared to how many of the issues end up getting fixed. It doesn't help that it's volunteer work that isn't even credited.
At any rate, this particular bug has been confirmed by another player to occur on latest version. You've got all the info you need to quickly reproduce the bug.
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