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Delagate characters to AI

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There should be a button under the Clan tab in the Member section to click a little button that allows that character, when the option is chosen, to be under the control of AI.

They should
1. acquire troops from the garrisons of their clan
2. actively hunt looters when not at war
3. co-operate with clan members to defend territory

currently it requires alot of work to put your clan members to war, especially if you have a large clan with a good amount of followers, this is a issue that makes AI absurdly powerful by comparison.


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Well, it could use some more options IMO, but there is an ability like this, if you create a party remotely from a clan member you've left in a settlement it functions close to what you described. They will (I think?) pull some troops from you garrison if they start in your fief and will wander about engaging enemies, recruiting troops and I think have % chance to solve an issue. I don't think they can attack a hideout unless it's tied to an issue they resolve though. They will join armies in your faction too. This can be used to bolster garrisons too, by starting a party, then disbanding it later they should deposited troops in nearby garrison.

I think some basic controls like "fallow me" or "patrol fief(s)" or "disband to "fief" chase "X party in close range" would go a long way to making clan parties useful and engaging.

As it is they're either "big bulky army to grind leadership" or "very expensive man-hunters"
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