Dejawolf's Barbutas with Vanilla Coifs

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Greetings everyone!
I'm MrXiskov and I'm currently working in a personal mod that modifies the vanilla game by adding great amount of content. And well, I use a lot of OSPs from creators. I have taken the liberty of modifying a copy of the coif model of vanilla game in order to make them fit with the two Barbuta helmets present in Dejawolf's Helmet Pack. I'm posting the models for everyone in case anyone wants to use them. This modification is basic, I don't mind if someone gives me credit, but you MUST give credit to the original creator: Dejawolf.


Link to the download in Mediafire:

Here's a link to the download in moddb in my mod page:

I know is nothing revolutionary, but still, I hope some still will find it useful, remember, give ALL the credit to Dejawolf for the helmets.
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