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The choice of perks at the end of the 2handed tree seems awfully unbalanced.

-Two handed Mastery: gives +0.2% speed/+0.5% damage per point in 2handed after 200
-Deflect Arrows: gives a chance of deflecting arrows.

Two handed mastery will ensure you keep getting stronger (independent of gear) even after reaching the very end of the perk tree, while Deflect Arrows gives... a chance of deflecting arrows. Yeah. Not much of a choice here. (I actually don't think it works atm: I tested it out with cheat char, and felt no difference between blocking vs tanking).

Theoretically, it seems somewhat comparable: do you want additional stat increases after reaching the skill tree limit, or do you want an ability that will change the gameplay itself? The problem here is that Deflect Arrow does not change the gameplay much; it's nice to be able to block arrows even without a shield, but at the same time... why, and how would you balance that.

Running down an archer shieldless is nutty, but can be really bold and kinda cool. However, that only works in 1v1 or even 1v3 fights, where enemies can't overwhelm with raw numbers and firepower. In large scale battles, the ability to parry arrows would either be absolutely useless or broken OP. If you can only parry arrows individually, then you're doomed when a group of archers lets loose on you. If you can parry all arrows, then you'll be an arrow-proof god. If you leave it at a chance... why even use it? Just run a shield.

Instead of patching up the weaknesses of the weapon type, we should improve on it's strengths. Instead of making two-handers pseudo-shields, how about we make them absolutely monsters in melee? In that regard, I propose two different options:

-Parry Guard: Block will disarm opponent's current weapon if their strike hits during the first 0.2 seconds of the block (or whatever time would feel appropriate).
-Momentum: A successful chambered block enhances the followup attack (+speed, + damage, or partial strikethrough block? Not sure, ideas?)

It would add additional skill depth (lag nonwithstanding) and melee threat for two handers. Also, it would fit more in line with what two handed weapons are. Instead of patching up the defensive weaknesses of the weapon type, improve on it's offensive strengths.

tl;dr: Deflect Arrows perk too limited compared to Two Handed Mastery, replace with proposed Parry Guard or Momentum perks.

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