Definitive Post: The game has gotten 'better', but not more 'enjoyable' since release

In your opinion, has the game gotten better, more enjoyable, or otherwise?

  • Better (less bugs)

    Votes: 27 35.5%
  • More enjoyable (more content, deeper gameplay)

    Votes: 13 17.1%
  • Both

    Votes: 11 14.5%
  • Neither

    Votes: 7 9.2%
  • It needs to be more enjoyable

    Votes: 42 55.3%
  • It needs to run better

    Votes: 17 22.4%
  • I'd rather more content at the expense of bugs

    Votes: 13 17.1%
  • I'd rather an experimental branch instead of a beta branch

    Votes: 3 3.9%

  • Total voters

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There's always more added and fixed whenever I come back to do another campaign. Throw in new mods on top and I'm a happy chappy.

While Warband was good without mods, I learned quickly how much better mods made the game being able to tailor aspects to my preferences. Frankly, playing Bannerlord without mods is unthinkable to me, but that's personal taste I guess.

The game is obviously much better and enjoyable since it was released. The snowballing fix, rebellions, working perks, etc, etc all make the game more enjoyable and less frustrating. The game needs much more work, but overall it's given me hundreds of hours of entertainment otherwise I would not still be here.
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