Definitive list of workshop types and inputs/outputs?

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I'm coming back to Bannerlord after a break of some time. I have been looking for a definitive, current, list of every workshop type, and its inputs/outputs. I have not been able to find one. I am getting some conflicting information looking at guides and YT videos. For example, in regards to a smithy, I have seen mention that it wants wood and iron as an input, elsewhere I have read it wants charcoal and iron ore, etc. Maybe the answer is that it takes wood OR charcoal, and iron ore OR steel? I have also seen some conflicting references to what, exactly, a smithy produces.

I am sure there must be an up to date list of all the workshops/inputs/outputs somewhere that would answer my questions for all workshops?
I've never added in things that is from "wood" so refined etc, in ages.

Think that part was patched out long time ago.

When you look at a workshop it will state the 1 type of ingridient it will require.
So in the case of a smithy it will require iron ore to produce.
Granted in the case of the smithy it is abit wonky - you can actually put all types of metals in there and it will consume it(steel etc).

Way back they did require wood to produce items.

As for the items being produced it also says it, so a smithy will make things like "Tools" but also things like weapons and armor.
(the real problem with smithy atm imo is that they consume too much rawmaterial, and only Tool is consumed by the town, and export is often not enough either)

As for guides, I would type in the patch nr you are playing into the search or as close to it.
There is a couple of Youtubers that provides relative current content (I say relative since this patch we got now have been out for a VERY LONG TIME.. relative speaking).

Afaik the other workshops only consume the rawmaterial type that is listed, the smithy being the only exeption I'm aware of.

I'd look up Flesson19's channel or Strat gameing guide, as both is really good at explaining and got the maths to prove their points etc.
Just a heads up workshops aren’t really that good currently. Sure you could spend you’re time doing it but it just doesn’t make that much money.
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