Unresolved Dedicated Warband server appears only in LAN

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Whatever I did it did not work. Could you please help me out?
After 3 hours of attempts I hope to get some ideas what I am doing wrong at the server setup :sad:

My ports at my router are all open, the firewall is deactivated.
The ports in the configuration text file match the ones from my router.
If I host my server at With Fire and Sword it appears in the list.
They use the same ports and the firewall is deactivated in both cases.
I added the command
set_add_to_game_servers_list 1

If I put the Dedicated Warband files onto the same disk the WFAS Dedicated files are on it does not work.

For your attention I thank you.


Same here, my buddy was able to connect before when the "banned from own server" bug was happening, but now its not showing up on internet for him. Tried everything, no idea why its not working.


Have the exact same issue man, however my server appeared on the list once and then never again. I would say one thing you didn't mention is whether you set a static IP through windows network settings, just copy all of the values from typing "ipconfig /all" into cmd into the ipv4 static IP fields. Hope this potentially helps
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