Need More Info Dedicated Servers - Server instance does not disconnect on its own from the lobby side

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Hello the issue concerns when I want to close the Dedicated Server Console in my side.

Issue is: Server Instance continues to run on the lobby, but in my server I killed the processus. (see image1)

The issue appear since the last patch 1.0.3

How to Reproduce:

1. Launch a server instance properly
2. Do CTRL+C + Close the windows called Dedicated Server Console Windows
3. Check the Lobby & see your Custom server still visible. (image1)
4. You can try to login in the instance from the lobby, and as the image2 shows, you fall on an infinite loading screen "Please Wait"

Scene Name (if related): Not related
Media (Screenshots & Video):



Computer Specs:
OS: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC
GPU: Intel HD Graphics
GPU Driver Version:
CPU: i5-3470T 2.90GHz
Motherboard: Lenovo Mahobay
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): HDD
The entire server hosting system for bannerlord is really ****y.

Lets break it down:
> You need to generate the server token on the game client, this is annoying as you MUST have bannerlord installed to get a token.
> You need to do this once every 3 months, this is really annoying when running lots of servers and the tokens become invalidated.
> The tokens are not unique, meaning you're kinda screw'd when you run multiple servers.
> If you can't auth with TW, the server automatically kills itself. WTF is that...
> In the situation from the OP, if a server crashes and reboots, it updates the browser with ANOTHER duplicate instance of the server, despite it not actually being online. Do it too many times, your server gets soft banned.
> Ideally, the client at best should be able to figure out if the server isn't responding and not prevent the client from finding another server.

TW needs to seriously consider implementing a better server browser, perhaps even just adopting whats available though steamworks.
If you really need this token thing so people have to register their servers so you can see who's running them, consider adopting the SGSAM that's used for Rust, GMOD and even CSGO.
I'd also like to see TW consider adding a status page, perhaps implementing Atlassians status page system so when **** isn't working players can clearly see its not working as intended.

Warband has a better functioning server browser... Thats what really bugs me the most...
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Had the same problem with my server yesterday, two server running while it was turned off.
Please talewords do something, and allow for automatic map download.
Hey, our team have released some updates and most of the server related issues should be fixed with these improvements. If this issue still persistent, please let me know so we can further inspect the subject.
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