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Summary and Reproduce steps:

So basically I tried to start up my dedicated server;

1. Opened the ports (UDP and TCP)
2. Downloaded Mount and Blade Bannerlord II Dedicated Server
3. Downloaded the Batch start.bat file and put it in the Win64_Shipping_Server directory with following contents;
.\DedicatedCustomServer.Starter.exe /dedicatedcustomserverconfigfile tdm_config.txt _MODULES_*Native*Multiplayer*_MODULES_

4. Downloaded and moved the tdm_config.txt file in 'Mount & Blade II Dedicated Server\Modules\Native' folder with following contents;

ServerName Landers server testing this
GameType TeamDeathmatch
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_tdm_map_004a
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_tdm_map_003
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mp_tdm_map_001_spring
CultureTeam1 aserai
CultureTeam2 empire
RespawnPeriodTeam1 3
RespawnPeriodTeam2 3
RoundPreparationTimeLimit 20
MaxNumberOfPlayers 120
AutoTeamBalanceThreshold 1
AllowPollsToKickPlayers True
AllowPollsToChangeMaps False
FriendlyFireDamageMeleeFriendPercent 75
FriendlyFireDamageMeleeSelfPercent 20
FriendlyFireDamageRangedFriendPercent 75
FriendlyFireDamageRangedSelfPercent 0
MinNumberOfPlayersForMatchStart 2
RoundTotal 9
MapTimeLimit 8
RoundTimeLimit 420
WarmupTimeLimit 3
NumberOfBotsTeam1 0
NumberOfBotsTeam2 0
SingleSpawn true
set_automated_battle_count 100

5. Created the 'MultiplayerForcedAvatars' folder in the 'Mount & Blade II Dedicated Server\Modules\Native' directory
6. Started the 'start.bat', which it gave the response;
"Custom Game server is ready! You can now enter console commands (Enter 'list' to inspect all options and commands)."
7. I find the server in Custom Servers and click on connect

Couple of things that are the issue here;
1. It didn't give me the green text containing on what IP and port and such it is open to players
2. Every time I connect it gives me the underlying logs;

[12:17:17.076] >>> AddNewPlayerOnServer: Onikage index: 0
[12:17:17.076] > AddNetworkPeer: Onikage
[12:17:37.091] > RemoveNetworkPeer: Onikage

Game Version:

Media (Screenshots & Video):
Can't add them (account too new)

Computer Specs:
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 19045)
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RT X3080
GPU Driver Version:
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9600K CPU @ 3.70GHz (6CPUs) ~3.7GHz
RAM: 16384MB RAM
Motherboard:ASRock Z370 Extreme4
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): Samsung SSD 980 1TB

I can't be the only one with this issue?

Not really sure what to do now...
Hey, sorry for the inconvenience. Can you please let me know if are you trying to host this server on your own pc or have you rented a server service? Please let me know if you are trying to both play and host the server on the same PC.
Hi uçanbiblo,

thanks for the fast reply.

No rented server, no VM somewhere. Running this script locally on my PC which i'm trying also opening the Game from
I had same problem too it happening because game forces you to join server using your "public" ip rather than local one. I asked about how i can do but they said they will add it in incoming updates.
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