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I'm struggling to get my dedicated server to show on the server list to allow me to play with friends, annoyingly I can host successfully on WFaS but not Warband.
I have done the following so far in attempts to get it working :
  • Port Forwarded 7240-7242 UDP/TCP which are showing open on
  • Set a static IP on my router settings and through windows network settings
  • Temporarily disabled Windows Firewall along with using exceptions for both server and warband applications when enabled
  • Temporarily set my pc as my routers DMZ
  • set_add_to_game_servers_list = 1 and is executing successfully on server launch
  • use_secure_connection = 0 + 1 in rglconfig
  • tried hosting through the game client which also fails to appear on the list
Weirdly the first time we tried after me setting a static IP the server appeared and my friends connection was successful, but it has never worked since which I cant quite seem to understand, do I need to speak to my ISP about this?
Any help is massively appreciated as this has just become incredibly frustrating after spending so long trying to solve it, thank you

*EDIT* 31/12/21
Managed to work around this by using a software called ZeroTier (basically a Hamachi alternative) to connect to my friend. Would recommend this anyone as it was quick and easy to set up
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