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Recently setup a dedicated server. One thing I notice when I first launch the Dedicated Server Console is it initially fails to connect to the Custom battle server and starts a countdown to shutdown the dedicated server application. It looks like it eventually does connect before the countdown finishes but the console shuts down anyway. Once I launch it for a second time (always the second time) it works.

DOTNET HTTPREQUEST EXCEPTION: NO Such host is Known (would link screenshot but account too new)

Also, once the server has hosted a few matches, it eventually shuts down the application with no explanation at all. I looked in windows event log, couldn't find anything and not sure where to access any sort of bannerlord specific log, but i was playing from a different machine while hosting/testing the server and i believe i saw a custom battle server connectivity issue error (like the one i'm attaching here). I have to wait a little bit before launching the server in this instance as it says something to the effect of "server not registered" or something (which i suspect is some sort of timeout of some sort). Obviously the server is registered because i'm able to play a few matches before it cuts out.

After waiting around for a while I'll try launching the server again and it repeats the same behavior (launches successfully the second time, server runs for an hour or so, then shuts down again).

Any tips?
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I read a little from the Citadel and found this potential fix (siabling the DedicatedCustomServerHelper module):

Tried running the server for a couple of days in that configuration but the custom battle server connectivity still plagues my server's uptime.


Community Support
Community Support
Hey, our team have released some updates and most of the server related issues should be fixed with these improvements. If this issue still persistent, please let me know so we can further inspect the subject.
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