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Death in battle

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Yeah yeah... I know. This has been discussed thousands of times!

But I would like a suggest a "new" solution to this complicated matter!

1. Remove scenario instant death
Yes.. Good solution, right?!

2. While a charachter is injured(Red life-bar) - trigger events
Good or bad things can happen to injured charachters. After a battle in which a hero has fallen, he/she currently has 1 health.

Each day, there is a defined risk/chance of something happening. Sometimes gives plus or minus to life, instead of always give a plus.
A random number is generated(tex between -10 to 5), modifed by the number it should have increased with today. This number is added to life

Each time a hero reaches 0 life, there is a defined risk of dying. This defined risk can be configurable via gamesettings and it can also be counterd by different things in game. The player can counter it via surgeon/Medicin skill. AI passively counters it via high armour for example. Age can be a constant factor too. high age, bigger rist of dying from my injuries. Atheltics is another factor.

This would make the world more fragile and also make injuries a factor. With some unluck, charachters can be injured for many weeks and ultimately die if they don't get any care

My thought is to exclude player charachter from this or have it as the default setting.

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