Dear TW: How feasible is this temp alternative to player-hosted servers?

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We know that the playerbase hates MP for a variety of reasons, but the biggest problem appears to be the lack of feature to host your own servers with your own rules. The root of this, from my observation, is that people hate getting spammed by archers and cavalry. That's why they want to host their own servers, which I guess they would name something like "no cav". Then they would kick anyone picking an archer or cavalry, but that would require a mod and kick feature and so on.

"Then why not just enter the duel servers?" one might ask. It seems that people want a massive brawl, and the duel servers don't provide for that. Besides, they're locked by passwords, so casual players wouldn't bother googling for it when there are already unpassworded servers running.

So why don't you, for now, hardcode some "new" game modes that's the same as Team Deathmatch, but locks the archer and cavalry classes, and host a server with that game mode? It could be hosted on the same machine as the currently existing servers. Name it something like "East Asia - Infantry Team Deathmatch". I don't think there would be overload problems as the playerbase is small at the moment. Just one "melee infantry only" server might be enough, but if you want to go the extra mile, you can add two more that only locks archer and cavalry respectively.

It's much easier than making an entire self-host feature with all the kicking and config stuff. I think you would enjoy having returning players and a happier playerbase. So in your current situation, is this alternative solution feasible?


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I don't think this would serve to alleviate the issues most people have with the multiplayer.

HOWEVER, it made me think of a great alternate reality where TW had goofy weekly custom servers set up with game modes like 'BABY SIEGE' and 'THROWING KNIVES ONLY'.

*wanders off dreaming wistfully of what could have been*
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