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Behavior Rules
§ 1 Maturity and Respect
§ 2 Cheating

Tournament Rules
§ 3 Tournament Format
§ 4 Scheduling
§ 5 Maps & Factions

Roster Rules
§ 6 Team Rosters
§ 7 Player Specifications
§ 8 Transfers
§ 9 Multiteaming

Match Rules
§ 10 Match Server
§ 11 Gathering Players
§ 12 Player Names & Tags
§ 13 Match Format
§ 14 Spectators
§ 15 Substitutions
§ 16 Class restrictions
§ 17 Tie Breaker

A - Maps
B - Factions
C - Time

Behavior Rules

§ 1 Maturity and Respect

(1) Players should respect both the letter and the spirit of the rules. The responsibility for ensuring that this happens lies not with one individual - it involves captains, players and referees. It is through discipline, control and mutual respect that the Spirit of the Game flourishes and these are the qualities which forge the fellowship and sense of fair play essential to the Game’s ongoing success and survival.
(2) In order to maintain a serious and professional environment players must be respectful and polite towards their opponents. If a player shows a poor attitude and displays rudeness or immaturity he or she will be punished by the tournament administration. The range of punishments reaches from a warning to a ban from of the tournament, depending on the weight of the crime.
(3) Any team that uses, incites or benefits from disruption to the matches, practice sessions or organisation of other teams will face disciplinary action at the adminitrations discretion, up to and including disqualification from the tournament.
(4) Any team knowingly helping players to bypass sanctions imposed by the administration will be removed from the tournament.

§ 2 Cheating

(1) It is strictly prohibited to modify the game files or implement modifications, e.g. aimbots or autoblock. Every player that is found to have modified files or using game modifications will face disciplinary action at the administrations discretion, up to and including a ban from the tournament.
(2) It is strictly prohibited to enter an unintended area of the map (glitching). Any player that is shown to have been glitching during a tournament match will be banned from the tournament. This includes but is not limited to the list of known glitches in Appendix C.
(3) If a player is found to have broken any of the rules during a match and the admins determine that a significant* advantage was gained, that player's team will forfeit the relevant rounds. (*'significant' in the technical sense of 'potentially possible to measure')

Tournament Rules

§ 3 Tournament Format [NOT FINALIZED YET]

1) The tournament will be split into a group stage and a knockout stage.

Group Stage
(1) The participating teams shall be randomized into 4/8 groups of 4/5 teams each.
(2) The randomization shall be done live on a stream to be specified.
(3) BEAST 6 standings shall be used for the seeding of the group, if available and fitting. The final seeding might be changed by the Administration.
(4) The group stage shall last two weeks.
(5) The teams shall play round robin and two sets per match. Teams displayed on the left start as Team 1, teams displayed on the right start as Team 2. After the first set, the factions and spawns are swapped.
(6) Winner of a match is who has the higher number of won sets, if that is tied, higher number of rounds. If a team can win both sets, it gets a map point, which shall be the first determining factor.
(7) The two best teams of each group shall qualify for the knockout stage as specified below.

Knock Out Stage
(1) The participating teams again will be randomized with the highest placed team of a group playing vs a runner up team of another group.
(2) The Knock Out Stage shall be played on two maps with two sets each.
(3) The team displayed on the left of the bracket shall start on the first Map as Team 1, with the spawns then switching. The team displayed on the right of the bracket shall start as Team 1 on the second map, with the spawns switching after this set.
(4) Winner is the team with the higher number of sets. If these are tied, winner shall be the team with the higher number of rounds.
(5) In case of a tie, a tie breaker must be played.

§ 4 Scheduling

(1) Matches should be scheduled by posting in the fixtures thread before 19:00 BST, Wednesday of each week.
(2) If a team cannot contact their opponent, that team should post at least two dates and times for their match in the appropriate thread before Tuesday 23:59 BST. If the teams have not agreed a match time before the scheduling deadline, the admins will post a time of their choosing.
(3) Teams may subsequently agree a non default time by posting in the fixtures thread.
(4) If the two teams agree, matches can be played at any day & time before the match deadline. If a match is not played by the deadline and neither team posted, the result will be a 0-0 loss for both teams.
(5) Each week ends at midnight BST on Sunday.

§ 5 Maps & Factions

(1) Maps and factions will be determined in advance throughout the tournament except for the finals using a random number generator.
[NOT FINALIZED YET] (2) For the finals/promotion matches, teams will determine the maps and the factions during a pick event. Each team in the finals will be designated as Team A and Team B. Team A is assigned: 1 and Team B is assigned: 2. At the begining of picking and ban event, random number generator will be used to determine the winner of the order. The winner will also decide what map will be first played on, after which they will then pick their faction. (They have 5 minutes to discuss) After the first team has selected their faction, the team that lost the in random number generator will be allowed to select which faction they would like to play in response. (They also have 5 minutes to discuss) At the end of this game, the factions will be swapped and another game will be played on the same map. After the map has been played on twice and both teams have played both factions, the team that initially lost in the random number generator will select a new map and their faction of choice, and the team who initially won in the random number generator will then be able to select their faction in response.
Once the first team selects a map, that same map cannot be selected for the second game.
Once your team selects a faction during the first pick, your team cannot select that faction again against the same team during the picking.
(3) A list of the maps and factions for this tournament can be found in Appendix A and B.

Roster Rules

§ 6 Team Rosters

(1) Every team has to provide the tournament administration with a roster, consisting of mininum of 6 player and their respective Steam IDs before being accepted into the tournament.
(2) Should a player not be on a roster and play for a team, then, that team must immediately provide the admins with a copy of the History.json file from any player that played in the match. The severity of the rule break will be determined according to the facts.

§ 7 Player Specifications

(1) Each team member may be listed by one name only in the team roster.
(2) Name changes during the tournament are allowed.
(3) Any Steam ID listed to a player in a team roster must be unique to that player. Using a Steam ID that has been used by any other player at any point is forbidden.
(4) Each player may use up to two Steam ID's for the tournament.
(5) Any player from a non Steam platform must contact the admins when signing up.

§ 8 Transfers

(1) Any player who has not yet played in a match may join a team at any time during the tournament.
(2) Once a player has played for one team they may not play for another team during this tournament.
(3) Transfers may be requested by unplayed players themselves or the captain of their new team.
(4) Any player not yet on any roster may be added to a roster at any time during the tournament by the team captain, with confirmation from the player.
(5) No roster changes are allowed for the Final.

§ 9 Multiteaming

(1) It is strictly prohibited for a player to play for more than one team during the tournament. Any player that was found to play for more than one team will be suspended for the rest of the tournament. The second team to field that player will be punished at the discretion of the administration.

Match Rules

§ 10 Match Server

(1) All matches will be played on a European server for the EU vs EU matches. For the NA vs EU matches the sets will be played in the following order: EU > NA East > NA East > EU
(2) Teams must use the clan system to to play a match.
(3) Either team may restart the match during the warm-up phase up to 3 times each, but players leaving a match once play has started may face consequences.

§ 11 Gathering Players

(1) Both teams have 10 minutes to gather their players and make/join a clan match. If a team fails to turn up by 10 minutes after the agreed match start, the other team must contact an admin immediately and will be awarded a default win. A team that fails to turn up for the first time will be given a warning, the second time they will be suspended from the tournament.
(2) Teams are not obligated to wait more than 10 minutes between maps and sets and should contact an admin if there is a prolonged wait.

§ 12 Player Names & Tags

(1) Players must play with the name they are signed up under in the team roster.
(2) The team must wear the team tag (through the clan system) that is used in the roster thread.
(3) Team tags doesn't have to be unique.

§ 13 Match Format [NOT FINALIZED YET]

(1) Matches will take place in Bannerlord Skirmish mode, through the clan system.
(2) Each group stage tournament match consists of 2 sets played on 1 map, thus 2 sets in total. Each knockout tournament match consists of 2 sets played on each of 2 maps, thus 4 sets in total. After the first set on each map the teams will swap spawns and factions.
(3) The match will be won by the team with the higher number of sets won. If the amount of sets are tied, the winner shall be the team with the higher number of rounds won. If both teams are tied in sets and rounds during knockout stage, the teams have to play the tiebreaker.
(4) The team shown on the left side of the fixture is 'Team A', the map shown on the left side of the fixture is 'Map A' and the faction shown on the left side of the fixture is 'Faction A'. Team A starts on Faction A on Map A and Faction B on Map B.
(5) The first set will be hosted by Team A, the second by Team B, the third by Team B and the 4th by Team A.

§ 14 Spectators

(1) Should spectating become possible during the tournament, spectating a match will not be allowed until the administration has tested and set rules.

§ 15 Substitutions

(1) If a player/s drops from the server during a match the teams must finish the match with the players in the server (including a random player if the system adds one into the match). Teams may restart only if the two captains agree beforehand.
(2) However if a player from the opposing team is randomly inserted that player must leave immediately or the round/s will be default lost.
(3) If a player/s from the same clan but different team is randomly inserted that player must leave immediately or the round/s will be default lost.

§ 16 Class restrictions

(1) There may be no more than 2 cav shown on the ui for the team line up at any time during match play.
(2) There may be no more than 2 archers/crossbow shown on the ui for the team line up at any time during match play.

§ 17 Tie Breaker [NOT FINALIZED YET]

(1) Should a match end in a tie after the regular time, a tie breaker has to be played.
(2) The tiebreaker has to be played on Town Outskirts. A faction will be the mirrored Vlandia. The format will be one set, with the winner of the set taking the overall victory.


Appendix A - Maps

Port at Omur​
Town Outskirts​
Trading post​

Tiebreaker Map
  • Town Outskirts​

Appendix B - Factions

  • Aserai​
  • Battania​
  • Empire​
  • Khuzait​
  • Sturgia​
  • Vlandia​

Appendix C - Time

All times given by Tournament Administration will be in BST.
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