SP Fantasy Daydream Little Stories (demo)//OSP 1 weapon pack

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how do I use this weapon pack? I mean what should i do with it? (where to copy etc)
Sorry for being a noob, but still, I'd love to enrich my game with these exquisite weapons.
And thanks for sharing.


I didn't open pack, but I believe that there are untextured things. They are probably not in brf file but prepared for wings or blender or something in obj files. So if you are not texturer or modeler or know how to work with brf files you must lean fist this.


Hello everyone! Just stumbled upon this mod and popping my head in to give feedback.
First, before I get to bug reporting, I'd like to say this world you guys have created is awesome. It's absolutely beautiful, like something dreamed up by a child. It comes off as shallow initially and then you start to see this rich depth behind it, even in the tiny glimpse you gave us.

Now onto the not so great, but probably fixable notes. I know I'm late to the party but maybe these thoughts can help anyways.
The boar hunt thoughts: The boar hunt showed some creativity while working within the constraints of the engine, something that's always good to see. However I don't quite think it worked in this case. I have minimal knowledge of coding and even less knowledge of the engine so hopefully at least one of my suggested work arounds will be fairly easy to pull off.
1) The first work around is simple.  Nerf the ferocious souls to be be pretty much harmless without their mount. Take away all weapons and skills and just give them a ton of riding ability. This would give the player a chance to recover from being attacked by an invisible enemy and get over the initial frustration of being clueless. In my case I didn't know what was going on the first time and my team members all pretty much just dropped at the same time. Following their deaths I was mauled by by things I could not see and preceded to die really fast.
2) Write the souls into the lore in an obvious manner and then try to make them visible through minor distortion effects. I'm not sure how I would do the distortion but writing the souls into lore adds a lot of quest possibilities. Elven villagers driven mad by the souls, forcing you to make the choice between killing them or trying to knock them unconscious. Weaker minded members of your troop turning on you. Adding a few souls into an Org army would also be interesting if you did a decent job on distortion.
As an added note on distortion, the idea would be to make the souls only visible if you were looking for them. Several sci fi games have cloaking devices that would have the effect I am thinking of. I don't know if something like this is possible but it would definitely be interesting.

Thoughts on Ogres and general combat:
The battles in this game are fantastic! Most M&B players have this image of combat being realistic all the time. Being able to cut to hordes of enemies was a very refreshing break from the norm.
The Ogre troops are also a lot of fun and break up the hack and slash game nicely. The idea of jumping to hit their heads shows that creativity within the limitations of the engine again, except this time it worked really well.  So my only thing to bring up about combat is a couple of bugs and silly AI issues.
Bug #1: Mentioned previously in the thread was the ogres getting stuck on the archer platforms. I think the fix for this is fairly simple, make the archer platforms a little bigger.
Bug #2: I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I am just a really terrible shot but in the huntress story I couldn't hit the broadside of an Ogre. Considering how large they are it seems like they would be pretty hard to miss. I'm wondering if maybe the size increase for ogres has caused the collision for arrows to not work properly? Or do I really suck that bad with a bow?
Silly AI #1: In the attack on the village the Orgs have a tendency to run into walls instead of around them. There's some fortifications near the gate the Orgs will occasionally just run against. It was rather amusing watching the archers waste their arrows as the last Org did an endless sprint into the wall.

That's all I've got. I won't bother to mention the demo specific bugs as I'm sure they won't be there in the final product. I look forward to the full release and had a lot of fun with this. It's always nice to see some decent fantasy mods, the medieval Europe setting is starting to get really old.
Unfortunately I can't offer any help, unless you have need for someone capable of catching popcorn with their mouth.


Hello, I wanted to ask permission to use a few non-osp daydream helmets and weapons (the monster ones) for my mod. I'm afraid I don't play mount and blade but you are welcome to any models I have in exchange if this is still being worked on. The mod is a fantasy conversion for totalwar. I can not post a link I'm afraid, due to forum rules, but I can figure out how to get you to it if your interested . Thankyou for your time and consideration.


When will you give us more! :razz: Seriously though I cant live if this mod wont make it's final version.
And why Orgs? Shouldent it be orcs?
Why would it be orcs? Everything has orcs.

And their description varies depending on the fantasy universe you're using as a foundation. Orgs are orgs.


can you upload the mod again. seems like it is dead :cry:
edit: nevermind find it after 5 hours http://eu11.dl.desura.com/dl/0e08efe9353e7943de4adfb79d0e3e53/51813662/2012/03/16/DayDreamDemo1_Warband.zip


Is this mod dead?

I'm waiting on it but there wasn't any news since 2013... and nobody write anything about progress. But also nobody informed us about cancelling this project...

So just give me an answer, please.


To make a somewhat educated guess...the guys are just too busy with their lives. Various time sinks and all - y'know - school, work, family, hobbies... As far as I can tell, this thing's on indefinite hiatus as no one's mentioned canceling it completely in the dev forums...yet...and no one's done (or shown anyway) any additional work done in...I'd like to say months, but I think it's been about a year now(?), either. So I wouldn't keep anyone's hopes up...At least not in the foreseeable future.

If my info's correct only Wheene still mods to some extent, from time to time - http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,274045.0.html - but even his crazy warhammers can't squash life's time vampirism.

...So there you have it.


Geren, I don't think Wheene is modding anymore either.
wheene said:
Hey folks, sorry I havent been around for quite some time. Im affraid its bad news this time though.

School is harder than I thought it would be and there are few other things which need my attention more than modding. Im not saying Legend is dead, but there wont be any progress for the next few weeks, possibly months, until I sort my stuff.

So, I've been wanting ask, is the OSP just the weapon pack, or does it include the whole demo for the mod? :smile:


wheene said:
Hey folks, sorry I havent been around for quite some time. Im affraid its bad news this time though.

School is harder than I thought it would be and there are few other things which need my attention more than modding. Im not saying Legend is dead, but there wont be any progress for the next few weeks, possibly months, until I sort my stuff.

The part keeping me from writing him off completely... :wink: But I wouldn't really know...We haven't kept in touch for the longest time, really.

As for the OSP, it only contains Wheene's magic. The demo is a whole other monster.
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