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SP Antiquity Dawn of Man - The Neolithic Mod, party like its 9999 BC!

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Jerv243 said:
I've tried searching but have had no luck.... I don't seem to do any damage with weapons or take any damage from the enemy, the only way I can win or lose is using fists and even then it says you took no damage or dealt no damage until someone ends up unconscious. The fight at the very beginning worked fine, and so do practice fights at the arena.

I have the same bug, when i use fist same thing continues.


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As far as I know, it's still worked on.

And don't speak about the curse, it could wake it up !..


I'm not sure if anyone has asked these questions, but in the future:
Is it possible to start multiple villages?
What exactly is the risk of starting a village? Would it be more susceptible to hostiles? Would an existing [faction] declare war on me if I have built my village?


I went on a hunt, and I got an opcode error, also, i cant deal any damage, the starting fight worked, but hunting and fighting does not deal any damage. I like the idea, I can't wait until the non-beta release, hopefully the mod won't have so many bugs. Great work so far.  :cool:


Sorry for the double post, I think a system of religion that would help drive relations between clans would go well with the mod. I know you've put adding shamans and the like to villages on the to-do list, but you could take that even further. Clans could go to war over conflicting religious beliefs. You could make a totem as an item to bring to a battle/hunt, and it would raise morale, much like the banners in 1755 Old Frontier, and Brytenwalda. Just a thought.


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but would religon really be around? christianity wasnt till around roman times and this is the dawn of man I dont even thing the mono religons were even created yet.


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gaham1 said:
but would religon really be around? christianity wasnt till around roman times and this is the dawn of man I dont even thing the mono religons were even created yet.
Dude,these people drilled holes in each others heads when they had a headache,just to let the demons out.


I live yet.  I don't know when I'll be able to start up on the mod again, I'm not living at home at the moment >.> When my stuff gets here and my family and whatnot I'll have access to my modding stuff and might start up on it again, I've been kicking around some stuff in my head.

Hmm... I've been kinda brainstorming off and on throughout this project on how to incorporate the beliefs and religions of these people, I don't know how far it'll go though.  You might be able to get blessings from shamans to increase morale before battles to increase motivation and morale, as I think its fair to say they had significant pull over the clansmen.

Yes.  Abrahamic religions didn't exist at that time.  Most agree prehistoric peoples were mainly Animists, like old Shinto or Native American traditions.  As such, it affected their day to day lives and decision making, so maybe it would be worth incorporating.

I was kicking around an idea for a Norse themed mod, in which you'd gain Favor of the Gods when doing badass/heroic/religiously honorable things like recognizing shrines or making offerings when appropriate.  Favor might save your hide in battle from time to time or grant you boons when you need them, and horrible things might happen if you offend the Gods too much.  I dont think I'll be doing anything that involved though.


so the religion would be a big factor on what you can do and what you can't.....for some reason this reminds me of school and the time I cut a kid in a fight not a good thing. Back to religion though that means that the religion would be like that of the Apaches "the great spirit" for most of the game, or the religion of Mesopotamia.


Alright, it's getting pretty annoying. I've tried a handful of different scenarios to try to overcome the issue, but I simply cannot be damaged, nor can I inflict damage to anyone during a normal battle. Also, during a skirmish with animals, I cannot do them harm and they cannot harm me.
I cannot damage anyone!
The very first fight, right after the tutorial, works fine.
I'm at a loss as to what to do, because Dawn of Man seems totally playable, and play it I must!

Also, using a cheat (ctrl+alt+F4 and ctrl+F4) doesn't harm anyone, either. It shows the cheat doing 0 damage.
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