Das dreckige Dutzend: An Interest Check

Would you like a special channel for the RP?

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  • Steam

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  • IRC

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  • Combination (use one of the above and forums)

    Votes: 5 31.3%
  • None (just forums)

    Votes: 10 62.5%

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Úlfheðinn said:
SoI was fun, this was my slightly more organized and realistic take, that I hoped would recapture some of that fun chaos.  :lol:

It was fun at the time, easily one of the most enjoyable times on this forum, but in regards to quality it was quite the mess.  :lol: I'm sure yours will do much better once you have it all pulled together.
I just need to find more time to play solo GM in a very GM heavy campaign.  :sad:

And yeah, it was a glorious mess, but mostly glorious.
Just resurrecting this because I still want to play it and Ulf is a lazy ****.
Ouch, that blows.

It's why I carry a little notebook around with me, for random research ideas and the occasional RP idea.
I have both that and a notepad app on my phone for that. But this one had the pissing good fortune to come while I was in the shower I think.
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