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Hey guys.

I make it short, because my english is quite terrible.
Here you have the assets from an old project i was working on, based on  the rpg gothic from piranha bytes. Dont work anymore on it, so i thought it would be best to give it to the communety. Hope it helps. :smile:

In there you will find a good amount of armors, some weapons and an orc race.
The polycount is a bit to high, so if you use it in you mod, i would recommend to scale that down a bit, but its should be still in the green area.
The textures are handdrawn, so they could look a bit out of place if you put it thogether with nativelike armors. Think a good way to work against that is with an higher contrast.




Credits: Do with that stuff whatever you want, just put my name into the credits, and maybe a link. :smile:

Have fun! Here is the download link.

Edit: Would be nice if someone could move this topic into the osp section.


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Glad you like my work guys. :smile: And thanks for the polyshwork on that paladin armor, never got around to finish that one, but maybe you should lighten the darker parts a little bit. :grin:

Besides that, im gonna upload some more packs with orcs, undead and maybe the morrowind armors im working on at the moment over the next weeks. Just not sure where, taleworlds seems not to be so good for mass uploads.


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I didn't know there was a Gothic-based mod project.

I just love Gothic 2.
Too bad the mod was cancelled...

But the textures are cool, especially the Nordmar armor. :wink:
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