SP Native Medieval Danheim (viking mini mod)

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Danheim is part of a much larger extensive mod that I am working on, but as I know many here just want to play as Vikings so I plan on releasing this as a separate minimod.

New custom Kingdom based on Viking lore (Danheim)
New custom troop tree.
3 new custom major clans.
1 new custom mini faction.
16 new lords.
Map edit and some resource tweaks.
Custom culture (hopefully)
Custom dialogue.

its 90% done, I am just a bit stuck on the culture atm.
adding custom cultures to towns seems to cause a crash if notable npc's are not defined to the various scenes.
Hopefully I can figure out how to do this, but I would appreciate help If anyone knows how to do it, and If I can't figure it out I guess i just gonna have to go with Sturgia as the background culture.

WIP Preview pics:




Hope everything works out for you, bro. Do you plan on changing the music aswell? I don't know if the name is even related.

Thanks, I am making progress and I think its getting close to release.
maybe maybe I add music. I am a musician myself and got a background as audio SFX artist in the gaming industry.
but most likely if i do that it will be for the larger so far secret project im working on that this little mini mod might get integrated into.
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