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thanks skvor!

In the year 1009 a viking host under the leadership of Thorkell the Tall landed near Ipswich. With the english great warfleet destroyed by inner quarrels and little help from the infirm king Aethelred II. the kings reeve Aelfweard moves out from the safety of his kentish fortress to keep the invaders from harrying on both sides of the Thames.

In this battle the Englisc fight in hosts under the leadership of single thegns of Kent. But all of them heed the orders of the kings reeve Aethelred, with his bodyguard to protect him.

The men of Henning, Eiglaf and their allies fight at the side of their leagues, but the most powerful is Thorkell, and no one questions his word.

Viking hosts:
51 men

Thorkell the Tall's bodyguard (4):

-Styrkarr as Thorkell the Tall
-Skegg the one-eyed (Poor_Smiley)

Vikingar ok Nordmenn (15):

(open to russian-speaking volunteers)
-Vermundr_inn_Oargi as Olaf Haraldson

-Harald Blackbeard

-more to come-

Vyatichi (17):

(open to russian-speaking volunteers)
--Vyatichi_str_Claus as Henning

-more to come-

Fenrisbarn & Erlingar (14):

(open to volunteers)
-Jarl_Bjorn_Fenrisbarn as Eiglaf


-Erling Skjalgsson

-more to come-

Saxon hosts:
50 men

Aelfweard's bodyuard (6):

-Moeckerkalfie as Aelfweard reeve

-more to come-

LF & Fyrningas (15):

-LF_Thomas Caravard

-Aescwine Fyrninga
-Ealdgyth Fyrninga
-Wulfstán Fyrninga


Men of Kent (25):

(open to volunteers)
-Cora (if she is there)
-Hvatr Attison
-Harald Trygvearrson

-(further 1stEastPrussianInfantry members)
-(about 5 further members of 1st_viking_order)

-more to come-

Time and date:

The event will be held on Saturday the 12th of November at 17:30 GMT

Time zones:
Britain & Portugal:              17:30
Central Europe:                  18:30
Greece, Ukraine, Finland:    19:30
Moscow:                              21:30

EST:                            12:30
CST:                            11:30
PST:                            9:30

Anyone taking part is expected to be present in the teamspeak channel. Even without a microphone you will be able to understand the general tactics and strategies better than in mere teamchat.

The teamspeak channel is: ts3.1stepi.com

The server will be the 1stEastPrussian_Vikingr server.

Signing up:

It is not necessary to sign up for this event to take part, but it has some advantages.
Those who join the event without signing up will fight as "Men of Kent" under the leadership of Kawee and are expected to arrive at the set time to organize and prepare a few basic strategies. Signing up also helps preserving the balance and giving an idea of the non-clan hosts size, so it is still recommended to post if you want to take part.

The clan hosts are generally restricted to members only, but they have the choice of allowing non-members to sign up to fight among their ranks. If the clan is open to guests it will be noted in their representation in this thread, and the host leader is free to reject any requests to join.

Any non-clan players are expected to play as Fyrdmen or Hirdman and no other class, unless they get a special permission by their host leader.

If you want to take part as an entire host you can request your own by posting the number and preferred side. If your group has more than five members creating a thread in the clan section will allow you to use your own banner. Non-clan hosts with only few members have to be discussed thoroughly and will most likely not be permitted.




-The host of Erics Vargar has been disbanded on their own wish, and thus there are free slots on the viking side again. I will shift those people I remember preferring them, but if you are not shifted but would like to be you can just post about it.

-Anyone willing to record the event or parts of it would be highly welcome to do so!

-The TS seems to be down right now, we will have to see if we find an alternative in case it shouldn't be back up on saturday.


Don't worry, there will be more events, and you are not alone so we might very well have the next one another day. But still you could have just suggested another day in the shiedwall event organization thread... for the next one you could just argue in favor of another day there^^


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It's settled then! I shall fight aswell, alongside Moeck, taking place as his bodyguard  :grin:


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Vikingar ok Nordmenn host:

Thorkell the Tall bodyguards:
Skegg the one-eyed

This message will change when new members join host.


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Another fine event Möck! And a very nice illustration from the drawing man. I salute you two. Can't make it, unfortunately, but I hope it will be a success!


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Vyaтichi шill тгу тo Ьгing аЬouт 10-14 рeople, Ьut its haгd тo пaмe тheм yeт.


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I'll do my best to be there, will sign up for a host when I've had a talk with some fellow Einherjar.
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