Damage vs. Speed

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I was just wondering if anybody had looked deeply enough into the nuts and bolts of the game to answer a question.

As far as damage dealt to an enemy, what is more important of an attribute for a weapon to have?  Damage or speed?  Or what point does it not make too much of a difference?

I know that getting a nice speed bonus can really add a lot of damage to an attack (hello mounted combat!) but does the speed attribute of the weapon actually help the weapon do more damage?

For example, there are two different axes, both are held in one hand.  One of them does 40 damage with a speed rating of 95, while the other axe does 39 damage with a speed rating of 97 (or something to that effect).  Assuming laboratory conditions of you and your foe standing completely still and just swinging away, which one would do more damage?


Huh. Interesting question. It'd be mainly irrelevant for mounted troops, though, as most of your speed bonus damage will come from the speed of the horse, not the speed of the weapon (if weapon speed does affect speed bonus damage).

On foot, though? I'm not sure.


Northern Mameluke Empire said:
not sure, but i always go for damage over speed.

Yeah.  I do too, normally.  Or I'll go for something that looks good with my armor.

I know speed or damage might just be a persona preference, whether somebody wants a one hit kill, or somebody wants the defensive advantage that comes along with a faster weapon, but I'm curious to know when one attribute significantly outweighs the other in terms of how much it helps you, or when the difference is negligible.


if you are good (fast) enough... go for damage.

in the beginning a 1000 dmg weapon is useless if you are not fast enough to hit the enemy before he hits you.


I think armor is a big factor in which is better.  Getting in two 20 damage slashes against an unarmored target is better than one 30 damage hit, but when it starts being 2 hits for 0 damage vs one hit for 10 damage the slower weapon looks a bit better.


If i remember right when yor character is low level his atacks can be interupted ( not sure if that true), but when you higher level and have good armor so damage is better thing, except if you are surounded by big group of enemies, in that case both of these things ( speed and damage) will be useles.
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