SP - Battles & Sieges Damage Types don't differ that much with high raw damage.

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There is a big difference between 20p and 40c. 20p may be better against heavy armored units while 40c would be better against light units.
But what about 180p and 200c? 50 armor can first reduce half of the damage into 90 and 100. Fixed damage reduction for cut is 50 / 2 = 25, for pierce is 50/3 = 16.67. The final damage for 180p would be 180 / 2- 16.67 = 73 and for cut is 200 / 2 - 25 = 75. The 200c is even better than 180p against units of 50 armor!
Here is my suggestion: Introduce some ratio damage reduction for each type of damage, just like how armor works is MP, but also keeps the fixed damage reduction part.
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