In Progress Daily Gold Change Crashes Me

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yep same for me, everything had been fine for 80 hours and now i cant play the game as it crashes every new day. tried reinstalling removing mods etc and nothing worked
right so ive manged to fix my game i think. i had the mod for patrol hire which is a daily expense that comes out same time as gold exchange. so i deactivated mod. i couldnt load my latest save game but i could load one from a day or so before, not a massive amount of lost progress but i never had the mod at that point of playing on my save so loaded it up and kept all my other mods on and the game is working ok now. daily gold change went through no game crash. i know this might not be a fix for everyone but it worked for me,better losing 15 hours than 80. good luck all and stay safe


I didn't have such a problem until the last day patch, I started to get a crash when daily gold change. LOL

btw, I don't have any mods on the game

I tried to go last save before the one which, was crashed, for now didn't get any crash yet.
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scratch that. seemed to be working, manged to get through of couple of in game days before crashing this time.stilll the same. ive tried all i can now.
I have the same error, no updates fixing it, campaign isn't playable which is sad cause i've invested about 40 hours into it hope its fixed soon


I also have the Problem when I get my daily gold change, though when i save right before it crashes i can play another in game day until i get another daily gold change
another update: so i was using a rolled back version of the game when i made my last post after thinking the game was fixed. as you can see it didnt. so i went into the betas tabs of the game in steam and opted out of all betas,game updated and i tried it again. the same earlier save i tried in my previous post. kept the hire patrol mod off and have been playing for a solid hour now with no crash. dont know how long it will last but will keep updating.


good to you, all what i can do is save just before payment and load same save, it protect me from crash... any ideas? 🌒

EDIT: maybe i should kick mecenaries? i think its start crashing when im hire them... or maybe i just goin inssane, need a walk :wink:
im not sure dude, i removed the patrol mod and loaded and old save without that mod and its been gravy since then.i know some people are having the problem without mods though so im not sure.good luck, stay safe

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Something interesting. If I pause the game after the gold change. It's fine. But if I start it again and try moving on the map it crashes.
another update. been playing the game on the rolled back save and once i hit WINTER 15 1098 gold change the game has frozen.i think it has something to do with the date. i must have caught up to where i was before. i was skipping a lot of time so would explain. oh well hope this gets patched as pointless restarting for the same thing to happen again
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