Need More Info "d3d_device_context_->Map at rglGPU_device::lock_texture" or "direct3d 11 device has been removed"

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Summary: First 6-8 hours of new campaign it works fine. But after few hours it crashes within 5 minutes usually with error "d3d_device_context" rarely with error "direct3d 11 device has been removed".

What i have tried already:
  • GPU downclocking from 20% of default to minimum values which asus tweak allows (880 Mhz gpu boost clock \ 12002 memory clock)
  • complete reinstall game from steam; delete bannerlord's folder from ProgramData + verify files from steam
  • limit fps to 60; limit fps to 30
  • set lowest graphics preset
  • change of virtual memory file size
  • nvidia image scaling and sharpening all the time was turned off
  • reset of nvidia control panel settings to default
  • clean reinstall nvidia drivers; downgrade to previous version of nvidia drivers
  • turn off windows hardware-accelerated gpu scheduling (the game was still crashing but without error message)
  • windows sound troubleshooter; disable of all sound enhancements
  • disconnect second monitor from hdmi port (usually i watch streams while playing)
  • Play in window
  • Clear reinstall to another ssd
This is what i remember. If you remind me what else i should try ofcourse i will check it but probably i already did.

How to Reproduce: Crashes randomly in games menu (party, character, trading) I dont remember it ever crused in battles. I guess the most important is the game works well in first few hours of new campaigns (or mb i just spend less time in thouse menus in the beggining).
Have you used cheats and if so which: no
Scene Name (if related): ingame menu (trading, character, inventory). It never crased in the main menu. The game launches and allows me to play few minutes.
Media (Screenshots & Video):
Computer Specs: i play on asus rog laptop, probably this is important
OS: Windows 10
GPU: 2070 super
GPU Driver Version: 526.98 (11/16/2022)
CPU: i7-10875h
RAM: 16gb
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): 2 nvme ssd: 250 gb for system (125 gb free) and 1gb for the rest (i left 176 gb free)
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This crash is a GPU crash. Which is different from the other crashes that can be caused by gameplay actions. While we are still investigating the issue there is not a definite fix that we can offer to support this issue at the moment. You can try the workaround below but please note that it is not a solid fix. Thanks for reporting. Sorry for any inconvenience.
A possible fix for RGLGPU_DEVICE::LOCK_TEXTURE Crash
If you are crashing in the middle of the game with the “RGLGPU_DEVICE::LOCK_TEXTURE” error, you can try the workaround below to fix it:
Expanding the swap size on your hard disk. You can find more info regarding this here.
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