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No, I didn't use any mods.
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I started with the error, but I'm also getting this with civ6 and humankind now, so maybe it's a dying gpu rather than Bannerlord?
damn. i hope not D: i just got this error in 1.7 :sad: i broke the walls from a town and tried to rush in with my horse . i thought that was the reason for the crash. please no dead gpu D:
Since i Buy Bannerlord i got never this error Message, but after this update im in the d3d Team :grin: ;(
So I see t2 many ppl are heaving problem with this d3d ****, as well as me and also I see TW team is doing nothing to help us!
This is shame they charged for the game 50e + and got so many crashes !!!
This is the worst game dev team out ther , Im gamer for 25years and never had a game that crashes this much !

This thread is opened last year can we get an update on how TW is going to fix this , we paid so we can play , fair and square, help us !!!!
I am having the same problem after updating to 1.8.0
Any update on a fix?
There was a d3d fix for the older versions, and this works, i can confirm it for 1.7...
But that wont work for me in version 1.80 but you can try it anyways...
Im currently really experiencing this issue, Ive done everything close to reinstalling my Nvidia driver and nothing, fresh install, the syncwolf trick, it seems to trigger after battles, sometimes when I enter my character level up screen and it also happens when checking my party, really really unfortunate, because years ago the game ran fine
Yeah same I just started getting this error yesterday, it started with that I couldn't enter taverns with certain hero's in there, then it moved to that I couldn't play on the campaign map and now I can't even load the game.
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