Czech Republic 12-7 Sweden (Stage 2, Group A) Deadline: 30/04/2011

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Group Stage 2, Group A
Czech Republic vs Sweden

Map 1: Port Assault - Swadia vs Sarranids
Map 2: Ruins - Nords vs Swadia

The deadline for this match is 30/04/2011.

You can discuss anything related to the match in this topic. Referees can also post their availability in here. The result of the match should also be posted in this thread, preferably accompanied by screenshots, if possible.


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CZE 12: 7 SE; 1 to decide about

1( -1 for Swadia...debatting flag win round)
so  this was 1 win for sweden, and 1 (round to be decided)<--17th round

about the 17th round:
Flag spawned, Sweden had the flag a bit higher then czech, but czech were raising there flag at that moment
time was up
but game continued
and then it was called a draw.
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