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I wonder if they would lean it towards what Mass Effect/Dragon Age 2 did. Where you have a fully voiced over character, but you can create what type of character you are.
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I never had the chance to play the Xbox 360 (Was it on other consoles?) Shadowrun; can someone enlighten me on why it's considered a bad game? Just curious  :razz:


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You probably wanted the Shadowrun Returns thread for that question. Anyway, it rapes SR lore, turns the RPG into a FPS and crowns this achievement by being deathmatch multiplayer only, if I remember correctly. It's a perfect example of how executive meddling ruins a potentially good game by catering to market-research focus groups.


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Wulfburk said:
More on cyberpunk:

Cyberpunk Info from GameSpot Stream:

Game is First person perspective RPG with TPP cutscenes
FP perspective made to feel more personal
RPG with Shooter Elements not a Shooter with RPG elements
Multiple different progression systems (Skills, Perks, etc.)
V, protagonist - urban merc/hired gun.
Full character creation system (Gender, Looks, Lifepath/Backstory)
You DO NOT pick classes in the beginning, class system is fluid based on choices
Dystopian Cyberpunk future shown in sunlight on purpose. Full Day/Night Cycle. Noir themes bleed through environment and aesthetic
Characters from Cyberpunk 2020 lore will appear
Netrunner, Techie and Solo are main focused classes
You can combine classes
classes are represented by characters throughout the game
Story and quest system from Witcher 3 is implemented into Cyberpunk similarly.
Choice and consequence is HUGE. Emphasized that the game is an RPG first and foremost
Story is personalized by player choice.
Combat - Ranged combat and Melee combat. Learned lessons from Witcher 3. FPS Melee combat.
Weapons - 3 branches - Power Weapons (heavy hitting/stagger), Tech Weapons (penetrating through cover), Smart Weapons (tracking/following)
Vehicles - Motorcycles, Cars, hinted at flying cars.
V is a fully voiced character. Both Male and Female completely voiced.
V's personality is shaped by player. Backstory and interactions shape V's personality.
Cyberpunk is a dark dystopia in the same vein as Witcher 3 being Dark Fantasy
Details of the world - everything has a purpose. World design was a huge focus in setting the tone.
Night City - in between SF and LA (fictional city). Inspired by both cities.
6 unique districts in the city. Each area has its own feel on top of the base Noir feel
Exploration is encouraged.
Witcher was horizontally huge, Cyberpunk is vertically huge.
You can enter buildings, Mega Buildings exist as well with multiple floors and multiple areas to explore within a single building.
No level scaling. 2 forms of XP - Core XP - Main Missions and Street Cred - Side missions
Higher Street Cred opens new exclusive vendors and fixers (new jobs)
EDIT: Also there’s full frontal nudity and you can take people back to your apartment for a one night stand, if you fancy it
Wulfburk said:
some more

Gunplay is faster than Deus Ex but slower than Borderlands
Mantis arm blades melee weapon (seen in teaser image with the lady)
Wall Run traversal ability
Stealth mechanics exist, no specifics yet
IGN details a sequence where the player does a stealth takedown on an enemy and then jacks into the enemy to get a schematic layout of the base the player was infiltrating.
Branching dialogue options
Open world is limited by Street Cred - certain areas unaccessible without the right level of Street Cred
Clothing affects Street Cred
Main Stats: Strength Constitution Intelligence Reflexes Tech Cool
Side Quests can give you special upgrades and unique body parts unavailable elsewhere. Higher Street Cred gets you access to more side missions.
Upgrades to your character directly affect your UI and your gameplay.
Examples: Subdermal Grip increases V's gun damage and adds ammo counter to the UI, Optical upgrade allows V to Zoom in and Scan enemies/vehicles
Four different damage types: Physical, Thermal, EMP, Chemical
Scanning enemies can expose their weaknesses
Equipment and Chip slots exist. Chip slot example: Dog-Sized Robot Spider follows and fights for V
Drivable cars in huge sprawling city. City size still unknown. Driving freedom doesnt seem as open as it is in GTA V however.
Mobile fights - V leans out of the car to shoot assailants as AI companion drives
You can switch between third person and first person perspective WHILE DRIVING. First Person Perspective shows the Car's Dashboard UI
Buildings are TALL. V has to use elevators to go through the various floors.
Traditional RPG consumables are mentioned
De-escalating some situations via conversation is entirely possible
Casual conversation dialogue pops up as you're roaming around
Dialogue is more fluid than Witcher 3
First Person camera contributes to the liveliness of the city
"Mature Experience intended for Mature Audiences"
Nudity and Sexual Content confirmed.
"...Romancing" options confirmed.
Aside from Driving, cutscenes will also switch to third person perspective, upgrading V is also done in third person perspective.


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Cd Projekt Red is confirmed to be an exhibitor at Gamescom 2018 [21 -25 august] with an RPG.

And lets not forget how Cd Projekt Red themselves said how good was Fallout 4 announcing, giving the first trailer just 2 [iirc] months before game release.

So best case scenario: Gameplay Trailer in August, game released by end of THIS year.

There was a 60 minute demo behind closed doors in E3 and every report from it says how great the game played. It must be much closer to finishing than we think.



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Well, havent they been working on it for years now? Must have been before Witcher 3 launched, so I'd so at least 4 years.

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Comrade Temuzu said:
Well, havent they been working on it for years now? Must have been before Witcher 3 launched, so I'd so at least 4 years.
According to the hidden text in the video,they didn't really do any work on it until after Witcher 3.



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Jock said:
Could be looking at a release date this year or early next one I'd say.
If it was so close, I think they would have announced it. I'd say late 2019 at the very least, more likely 2020.


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Well we do know CDPR likes to take their time and deliver. I would not be that surprised if it didn't come out in 2020.


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Cyberpunk is the game I expect most in 2020. But seriously, I heard the game even allowed players to customize their private parts; the first time happened in AAA games, huh?


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As I recall there was something to that effect in the Conan game that released a while back. I fail to see how it's a significant feature other than as an ego boost for some very sad people.