cut down shock inf's movement speed made no sense in siege and tdm

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Shock inf's movement speed in battle is lower now,while the damage and movement speed of heavy infantrys ,archers and peasants are made shock inf die more easily.Someone may think it's ok to balance the risk and harvest of shock inf.
However,in TDM and siege,peasants and heavy infantrys with melee expert can also escape from battle and make huge damage after picking 2hand weapon easily from the ground.What's the difference between this and shock inf before?It makes using a shock inf like a stupid.Without high movement speed,shock inf's 2hand weapons are just prepared for enemys.The 2hand weapons are actually preformed worst in the hands of shock infs .
So my advice is:
1. let the some of shock inf have highest movement speed in battle(like battania and sturgia,their shock inf die easily)
2,the other may have better armor
as the archers is strong enough to kill them far away and heavy infantry can kill some of them with 1hand weapon easily now.
I agree that escape from battle is toxic,but I think it's easier for archers to kill a savage who can be killed in 2shoots than a sergeant in 4-5 (even more)shoots.


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well, shock infantry is a tiny bit slower than the light infantry and a tiny bit faster than the heavy ones.
it still has better mobility, better attack range, more damage, higher stun probability and before the last balance patch even damage reduction with every solution for

i can´t say that there is hardly any shock infantry in tdm or siege, quite the opposite since there is no friendly fire you see them everywhere.
one solution for the melee expert perk issue cloud be a restriction, that it only works with 1h weapons.
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