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Customising the game -ini tweaks (v 1.00 +)

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*notice* For those of you new to M&B modding, the files you need to edit for these tweaks are in Mount&Blade\Modules\Native.

Modding cattle behavior:
1. Change to make cattle follow instead of run

2. Info about changing the way villages get cattle

3. Make cattle move faster.

Modding party sizes:
1. Change Morale and Party Size (still works in 1.003)

2. Change AI lord's maximum party size.

3. Change number of prisoners you can hold per prisoner management point. Brought to you by isi. I think.

Modding quests:
1. Modify the timer on repeating quests, repeat them sooner!

2. Allow village elders to give quests again after refusing one

Modding the arena:
1. Adjusting tournament bet amounts

2. Customize arena melee winnings (tedious)

3. Change the number of participants in a tournament + adjust how many are taken out each round. This tweak brought to you by Charonte.

Village/Castle/Town related:
1. Change the amount of revenue received from trade caravans visiting your town. This tweak brought to you by allthesedamnnamesaretaken.

2. Adjust the build times on village improvements.

3. Make windmills give a 5% monthly bonus, instead of only once.

4. Change the way kings decide who to give land to.

Combat/Troop/Hero Related:
1. Editing to allow inventory access during sieges.

2. Make all troops obey your orders in combat, even if you're not the marshall.

3. Adjust the amount of time between recruiting from prisoners.

4. Change the number of mercenaries that appear in cities.

5. Change the number of troops recruited in villages.

6. Allow garrisoning of heroes. This tweak brought to you by Lord Kinlar. (Another link to the 4th page of this thread.) Note: Be sure to also get my dialog fix (linked to in the bottom of the linked post) to fix dialog errors caused by garrisoning heroes.

7. Disabling companion interaction (have as many as you like)

8. Editing the escape rate of lords

Food Related:
1. Change to allow consuming of ale/wine

2. Fix your food! Fix for the food morale bug! It happened to one of my games, so I was able to come up with a 'patch' for it. I can't figure out what's causing the initial problem, but this will correct it - and keep correcting it if it happens again.

1. Edit the timer on bandit parties spawning.

2. Enable cheat mode (does lots of stuff)
It's Do it Yourself modding :smile:

Also, heres the trading guide I posted. Not exactly a tweak, but I figured if I have it here too it will be easier to find :smile:
Trading Guide

And heres the Dhirim siege fix - I figure I'll leave it here until it gets fixed officially, so it's easier to find. Sieging Dhirim without it kind of sucks.

Thanks to TheMageLord for collecting (and finding) all this stuff
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