custom weapons in multiplayer?

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olo played a team deathmatch earlier and he was wondering how so many players were using custom weapons and armors such as the two handed sabre?

for olo!

olo also wants to say its great playing again
Unicorn said:
probably GK's custom mod.
this might be it? or there could be a more recent version:

Pretty sure the Nexus version is really outdated.

Latest version can be acquired from our forum:

EDIT: Assuming, of course that it was on GK_TDM that you were playing :razz:
Welcome back Olo!
if you play on ZHG_Siege (eu server though), you can get random equipment by spawning without weapons and/or without armor.
There is even a chance of spawning with new olobane items like the Flintlock pistol.
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