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  • I find it of utmost urgency that devs keep fiddling senselessly with their tweaks of numbers instead

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I wish devs can give us an option to equip for our own troops ( limit by faction type, better gears = more upkeep cost
The second thing just my opinion is please give me an option to change 84days to 365days/year like warband, i dont want time go too fast


Hello M&B Family,

I don't know if any of y'all played Prophesy of Pendor on Mount and Blade: Warband, but you could create your own knighthood, and select between all armor and weapons to create custom troops for your knighthood order. I believe this would be a great aspect to add to the game on a bigger scale, like when you create your own kingdom, you could have your own custom troops for your kingdom. However, this would cause some changes to the game to need to happen such as when you conquer a settlement culture needs to be implemented where overtime under the new lordship, the towns and villages turn to the lord's culture, so let's say I'm Aserai, and I just captured a Southern Empire town, over so many days in game, maybe even years the towns would change culture and allow me to recruit Aserai troops instead always being Imperial troops.

Thank you,
Jacob Riela

P.S. Maybe this has already been posted just didn't want to sypher through a thousand post, thank you!


One of the most loved features in the mods of Warband was the posiblity of making your own Troop trees, giving them the armor and weapons you wanted to enhance your play style, i was really sad to found that this feature was not included in the base game since in medieval armies nobles always equiped their armies at their will
I mean, i love what you did with the vanilla troops trees, but sometimes i want to expand my gameplay and this is one of the best ways to do it

Oh ya would be so sweet


Perhaps limited customisation as :
- you want to change your Sturgian Spearmen weapons you can choose any spear (since its a spearman) and any secondary weapon available to sturgian non elite troop of the same tier or lower like Sturgian Soldier or Sturgian Linebreaker with an additionnal cost.
- you want to change your Sturgian Druzhinik Champion you can choose any weapons available to sturgian troops like the weapons from the Sturgian Elite Linebreaker.
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