Custom textures not showing up in game.


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So all I am doing is adding a non-black version of the black burgonet.

~Using Brfedit, made a copy of the burgonet's mesh, material and texture, made the new mesh use the new material, etc.
~made sure the burgonet uses the new mesh
~made sure the new texture is indeed loaded into a brf
~Checked load order in module.ini with texture first, material, then mesh last.

Now the custom burgonet shows up with the new texture in the inventory but not on any character model. So in taverns, etc. it still shows up black but in inventory it shows up white. What am I missing?


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There are separate meshes for inventory and in-scene helmets as I remember it (I did the same as you some time ago, swapping burgonet textures). I think this is because the warband engine has a feature where helmets are warped when close to the face to avoid clipping. Presumably the caribbean devs didn't like this, so use some sort of trigger to swap them over to a non-warping version, or something.

So have a look around for them, use OpenBRF's find in module feature. I'm seeing stuff in caribbean_female_meshes.brf and oim_p_items_a.brf.