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How exactly can we add new skeletons? Dejan mentioned here that its possible, but so far nobody has found out how it works.

Its nice that we can create skeletons in the editor, but can you please give us a short description of all the steps necessary to actually add a new working skeleton for our troops in the game? Will we have to edit some XML files or can we load them direclty in C# code? Which files will we have to edit? Which methods to call? Is there anywhere we can look for examples?

All of the large conversion projects are stuck at this problem, basically every fantasy mod needs this to add dwarves or giants or other non-human races, but there is no info at all about how to do this, please help us, you would be doing the modding community a great favor!

greetings from The Old World! :smile:

EDIT: For clarification, we need different humanoid skeletons on different troops.
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