Custom Settlements Collection (settlement DLs)

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hi, I think its very hard to find the custom settlements that ppl have created. I know there are a lot, so I made this thread, to make it easier for new/old players to find and dl settlements to add to their game. I want to say that its very nice if ppl do NOT post comments and such here, or it will be very hard to find the settlement dls again. That is sort of the entire idea of this thread, to make it easy to find all the settlements that arent added to the mod yet.

I will start with mine(im very happy with it, even though most of what ive seen on the forum is much better)


these three first are of e2m2.


last one of e2m0

I really don't think that this would be needed. Wouldn't be better to wait for the next release, when all the new settlements are going to be added to the mod anyway?
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