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I guess "official support" just means 'if it works it works, we make no promises, and if things break it's not our problem until we do offer official support'. Which is better than 'it won't work and we'll shut you down if it does'.

Any clarification on this from TaleWorlds? Will you prevent unsupported modded servers from operating (again) if people do mod the game before you do offer official support?
People are already modding the servers. Several have done custom map tests, and DR has added logic for writing to a database for a stats page and also fixed the bug with map transitions in battle mode. So far TW hasn't told anyone to stop doing anything.


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I don't know what specifically is happening in that video, but from what I tested the client and server both need the custom map. If the client doesn't have the custom map, it will crash when trying to join the server if it's on that map.
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The situation is a little confusing at the moment.

The official stance is that support for custom maps and mods is coming later down the line, but there are some videos like this:

Does this mean that custom maps and mods, as some have previously suggested in this thread, will be possible but that official support - whatever that entails in this scenario, I don’t know how it works - isn’t coming until later?
That's not a custom map though. It's an unfinished map by TW and it exists in game files, it also crashes because it's not finished. Custom maps are working but the client also needs to download the map to Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\Native\SceneObj


2 years that we are waiting for that, i sincerely hope that put our hands ont the files before beginining of summer
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