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Hello all, you may have noticed by now that a few extra servers popped up on the server list. We're conducting a beta test of the custom servers with a few community members. They're able to host custom games on local computers as well as dedicated servers.

We're currently not accepting new test participants. The purpose of this test is to identify any critical issues, ensure stability and gather early feedback.

As soon as the test is completed and any critical issues rectified, we'll release custom server files for everyone to use.

You may find yourself playing the battle mode on these custom servers hosted by the community members. Please note that the battle mode on 171 isn't fully implemented and can as such contain various balance issues, missing UI,... Battle mode will be added fully once Beta 172 moves to the main version.

Enjoy and happy testing!


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I'm taking a seat, it's going to get interesting. :iamamoron:


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Awesome work, a great milestone has been (almost) reached.

For anyone that has tested, how has the performance been so far in terms of lag and crashes?
This is fantastic news. As far as the custom servers, will we be able to buy/rent the dedicated servers with Taleworlds or will we use server host like logic servers, bluefang, etc? Because my clan North American Teutonic Order (NATO) is of course wanting to get a server.
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