Custom servers are great, but the cosmetic system is still flawed

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If only there were some tangible link between what something looks like and what it is, without a outside-gamemode link as to why you're dressed the way you are.

Like, imagine there were some way to pick exactly what you were equipped with, and that piece of clothing/armour/weapon had its own stat-block AND visual flair, tied together in a logical, unforgettable way. Maybe give you the option to choose what those things might be when you join a match, or maybe even when you spawn in. And it would be consistent across all server and/or gamemodes. Hell, the mods could even have their own list of equipped thingies that each character or class had to choose from that they could use.

And what if it was all contained on a per-match or server basis, so you didn't have to worry about whether somebody had played X long or done X thing over the past few weeks or months or years to look the way they do in some ethereal unconnected to your game way. Why are they wearing that cool hat over there? Oh, probably because they picked it out of the equipment list. Why does it look so cool? It just does. Why is it such a lame hat? Well, because it is, but you can pick a different one if you like. What if the hat you like has really bad stats? Well, you can choose to wear it anyway! Crush your enemies with style *and* a slight handicap, won't that give you something to brag about.

Or I guess we could have a cosmetic list of items unconnected to the current match, without a unique stat-block and worry about progression over long periods, custom servers, non-custom servers, matchmaking, mods, and all that good jazz.


In my opinion the best custom armor and weapon system has cRPG mode. There you can create a character of your choice (strength, agility, class) and each weapon and armor has its own stats. Also weapons and armor can be upgraded. Thousands of armor combinations can be made. Outside of the game, the website is related to the game and everything you do on the website is applied in the game. Also while playing you can quickly change your favorite armor and weapons.
The mode for Warband cRPG is "alive" again and can be tried out, and for Bannerlord mod Defend The Virgin can be played. I hope that a complete mode will be released soon with private servers.

Taleworlds could add at least some similar basics to Bannerlord. Connect xp and gold to private servers, and work out a little more detail on the armor and weapon system, not just as skins. They should add new armors more often but also a new weapons.
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I think the issue is that on a custom server you can change or even mod some things that might make farming xp or loot possible.

For example, if loot is given out each map then you could change the map time to 1 minute and sit afk on the server.
no need to do that,in official custom servers,the loot and exp u get is based on the minutes u play in the server.


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no need to do that,in official custom servers,the loot and exp u get is based on the minutes u play in the server.
You didn't get the point of the original post i made, no one wants to play on unmoderated, only official maps, custom server from TW.


Just copy+paste Mordhau system.

Helmet (0 none, 1 light, 2 medium and 3 heavy)
Body armour (same thing)
Leg armour (same thing)

This means you can make your own kind of builds. You can make a full heavy armoured dude that will be harder to kill but it will move slower than the rest of them, a char that is heavy armoured in the head but had the rest of the body uncovered, etc.

Translating it into this faction limited game, I think the same could be applied to the classes already implemented. Meaning, you can't choose what kind of armours you get, but you can interchange the armours you're wearing between a faction. For example, if the heavy armoured classes for Battania all use heavy armour, why can't we interchange between them, instead of buying all over again? Either make the loot be earnt at higher rates so you can buy more than 1 little terrible clothes at the time, or make it more universal and let the troops share equipment, I understand the need to separate the armours so troops looks different, but honestly... Who cares? Any troop can use any weapon they find, and mount any horse they see (which is dumb) already, so literally idk what purpose having different armours for each troop will help in any way, except for cohesiveness? (Then again, just let the heavy armoured use heavy armours, etc)

Back to mordhau, beyond the head/body/legs the rest of it (gloves, gauntlets, shoulder armour, boots etc) is just cosmetics you can choose whatever the hell you want. Simple, fun, fashion based. Again, why does TW does not let us interchange already bought capes, gauntlets, I have no idea, just let me wear whatever I want, is not going to change anything

In mordhau money is also easy to earn. You're not going to get the incredibly good looking stuff from day 1 but you can buy towards building a character you like very quickly. Custom servers? Not a problem, you sure earn a little bit more money in some servers but because you earn money on how much you've killed/assisted in the game + time (time isn't a big factor, if you do nothing you get nothing). Also Mordhau was very smart to give new players a load of ways to get money/exp. because their games are objective based. So if you stand on a flag for example, you get points for it. If you throw healing packs for you pals, you get points for it. If you help your more experienced players kill people, like using a spear from afar, you absolutely get points for it, in fact, if another player kills someone, but you have done 80% of the damage, you get the kill points too. It might not be perfect and limited in some areas but Mordhau is very accessible if you come around it. In Bannerlord on the other hand, you have to play Skimrish (if you find one) and captain mode (if your team gets to do anything) to earn actual denars, because siege and tdm gives you ****, and sometimes if the server crashes or the game crashes you just don't get a cent, so yeah! Nice! Therefore unless you live in Europe and you have a stable base of players torturing themselves waiting in the matchmaking, you will likely be not getting any money, unless you absolutely torture yourself playing siege for half an hour until the game crashes, with the possibility of not get money at all.

Overall, this system feels like a beta test for an unplanned, peer pressured feature that's like "huhhhh idk maybe this will satisfy our players?" And it didn't, unless you're a tryhard, a masochist, or you play in a stable clan that wins captain modes.


Classes could be useful as a starting build for newer players but they really go against what devs have said before about transparency.

Aserai skirmishers have the same armour value with all of these?
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A Producer/C-suite made the decision to include cosmetics. Has nothing to do with the game design. Gotta get those Zoomers, you know how they love to express their individuality.
Honestly I'm surprised we didn't get Dance emotes.
This also unfortunately means there's no way to get rid of the cosmetic system.


I feel like the gear system should be reworked so as to make the armor perks actually look like extra armor on perks that give +7 or more armor. The decorative shoulder cloth is fine for perks that give a low amount of armor though, but I think an armor increase of 6 or greater should actually be more visually distinct, like how the Clan Warrior used to gain a scrapmetal breastplate and helmet when going from base stats to Improved Armor.

With the way armor perks are currently implemented, we should apparently believe that the decorative shoulder cloth can magically make your casualwear just as tough as chainmail.
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