Resolved Custom Server Captain Always Crashes If 9 Players On One Team

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Summary: I'm hosting Captain servers for NA through 3 different hosting providers. The dedicated server always crashes right after warm-up if there are 9 players on either team.
Have you tried reducing the number of units per formation? It could be related to the number of bots being spawned in, rather than the number of players perse (especially if it's directly after warmup).
I also assumed this could be the case, but even with significantly less bots per formation, it still crashes at 9. And when you vastly increase the number of bots per formation with <9 players, it still does not crash. I believe there is just an error in the code
It is the same for skirmish multiplayer servers ; server crashes if you are 13 on it so we cannot have spectators/ streamers broadcasting our tournaments
There were few fixes made addressing similar issues. Are you still having the same problem on the latest version of the game? If so, could you also give us the Bot multipliers, scene name, player amount etc. data as well?
As the information asked was not provided within 2 weeks, i will mark the thread as solved. Please let me know if the issue is persistent.
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