Custom maps for each settlement

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Right now this is a query. Like the battlefield terrain map system that will be implemented later, is there a plan to make each town/castle's sieges unique to the settlement? I think there already is some difference based on the settlement's wall levels as well as culture.
My question is whether there may be plans to make individual maps (that may change with the settlement wall levels) for each castle/town?
I know it might be a lot of work, especially since AI pathing up ladders leaves much to be desired. But it would be a great addition if implemented.
Regarding AI pathing up ladders, based on what I see, and no i've not seen the code and so i might just be spouting nonsense, it appears that multiple AI units collide at the base of the ladder and that might be interfering with them being able to path up the ladder as they go from a chaotic mess to trying to access single paths that are often obstructed by other AI characters, as this issue doesn't take place in those settlements where the siege towers have a ramp up instead of ladders. It may help if the AI are forced into 3 lines corresponding to the base of the ladder before being allowed to climb. Just a vague idea.


They promised that every towns/castles/vilagies will have their own unique scenes at early access notes. you can check it out.
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