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I've been trying to set up a spawnable + interactable entity on the campaign map, something like randomly spawning treasure chests. It seems like the engine is hardcoded to only have Settlements and MobileParties as actual interactable targets, since the MobileParty class only has functions that target either positions, settlements, or other parties. Since settlements can't be dynamically spawned (to my knowledge), it seems like my only option is to have a MobileParty that doesn't move, with some event handlers to open a custom menu.

Are there currently any cleaner ways to achieve this?

If I'm not missing anything obvious, then I'd suggest the devs add some kind of IMapTarget (inherits IMapPoint) or MapObjectBase. It could have functions like OnArrival, OnClicked, OnTargetLost, and maybe some support for custom nameplates/tooltips. I think having the ability to add more types of things on the campaign map would open up a lot creatively.
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