Custom Formations (Single Player)

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Nate I

Hi it is Nate again, I have an idea to use one of the open F keys to command troops or armies into custom formations mid-battle. In my mind, you could have an interface where you draw a shape for a particular formation, such as a "Reverse U" shape to place your archers around a hill but not behind it, and then save it to an f key, such as f1. So to command this custom formation, you would just hit f8 then f1.

This could be expanded upon to what I would call "Army Formations" i.e you draw a line of formation 6- heavy infantry with shields raised, and a line directly behind them of form 1-infantry. This type of customization would allow for quicker form changes as the battle progresses. Obviously, this formation I used as an example can already be done simply with the base commands, but you could design more complex formations with this which I think would be very interesting for players.
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