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Custom Clan Banner Pack
New Update! Also, a heads up to PTK (NA) and the Guards of Istiniar (EU), your banners (only one of IG's banners) have been relocated. This is because the game uses that particular banner slot as the texture for some scene props. I have replaced that slot with a plane white banner.

Also, If you haven't seen the petition to increase the banner cap, please check it out and sign!

These packs include all banners submitted in this thread in their appropriate regions as well as a handy spreadsheet showing which spots are used by which clan. However, since Native's banner selection menu is a little wonky, if you don't see your clan's banner, but it is in the spreadsheet, let me know.

European Pack: Updated 2011-8-1

North American Pack: Updated 2011-8-1

Navigate to your Mount&Blade Warband folder. Open the "Textures" folder and make a back up of through Place the back-ups in another folder. Next replace through with the ones in the pack you downloaded. You are now ready to start up Warband.

Clans in the pack
[*]Teutonic Order
[*]Order of the Lowlands
[*]Guard of Istiniar
[*]Zendar Hunter's Guild
[*]L'armata Brancaleone
[*]Alliance of Destruction
[*]Iron Knights
[*]Wolves Clan
[*]Runaway Scorpions
[*]Black Team
[*]Followers of the Goat
[*]Order of the Lion
[*]Royaume de Bourgogne
[*]Königreich der Himmel
[*]Revenge of Nobility
[*]Imperium Lusitanum
[*]The Brotherhood of the Iron Fist
[*]Noble Order of the Platypus
[*]Defenseurs de la Flamme Doudoune
[*]Varangian Guard
[*]Order of the Burning Rose
[*]Guard of Ergellon
[*]Iron Knights
[*]Reyvadin Guards
[*]Dashing People
[*]Black Knights of Italy
[*]Dark Paladins of Destruction
[*]Knights of War
[*]Herr der Ringe
[*]Imperium Polskie

[*]Golden Kingdom
[*]The Midnight Watchmen
[*]Plague of Terrathan's Keep
[*]Nobody Knows
[*]Defenders of Faith
[*]Paladins of the Round Table
[*]Balion Mercenaries
[*]Balion Guard
[*]Knights of Pomerania
[*]Suicide Brigade
[*]Kingdom of Avalon
[*]Christian Peasant Brotherhood
[*]Bloodlust Soldiers

Do you want your clan's banner in the pack?
Each clan that would like a banner in the new pack(s), please post a submission using the following submission format:
1. Change the post subject from "RE: New Custom Clan-Banner Pack" to "Submission."
2. Include the banners or a link to a file with them. (Please use the highest possible quality image)
3. Include in what your region your clan is active.
Please submit your banners in this thread. If you submit them to me via PMs, they may be forgotten about; so please don't PM me your banners.
If you're clan is international, please mention that along with the region that most of your members play in/in which region you play matches the most. I'm going to compile an international pack, but I also want to include you represented in your most active regions.

List of regions*:
North America
International** (See spoiler above!)
*Oceania is not included, since as far as I'm aware, someone else is already managing a pack for them. If this is not the case, please enter your submission anyway.
**If we get too many banners for the international pack, I may limit the max number of banners per clan to one.

I'm going to handle the NA banner pack myself. I'm willing to start the EU Banner Pack, but I'd like to have a volunteer from Europe to eventually take control of this. Likewise, the international pack will be a cooperative work between said volunteer and myself. If you feel you're up to the task, let me know in this thread or via PM.

As a side note, I am not very artistic, so I will not create a banner from scratch for your clan. If you have a banner already designed and wish it to be Warband-ified, or you have a banner in mind that uses common heraldic symbols, I can make those (In a similar style to Sir Timothy's). That being said, Sir Timothy is still taking banner requests, so contact him if you need a banner from scratch.

Are you an Oceanic clan? Look here!


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Clan: Order of the Lowlands
Region: Europe



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Clan: Guard of Istiniar (IG)
Region: Europe

How many banners are allowed per clan?


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Clan: Golden Kingdom
Region: International (NA)

SCGavin said:
How many banners are allowed per clan?
Well, there are 120 slots, and the Warband Clan info thread says there's 102 European clans. I doubt they're all active, so I'm going to try my best to guarantee two per clan (assuming they all submit banners). However, I have a pretty good feeling there's going to be extra space, so I wouldn't be surprised if some clans get in 4, maybe 5 if they want.


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Foamy said:
Here's the higher res versions. I also slightly modified them so could you replace the others with these?

            Regular                          Officer                            Royal

Court of Reveran


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well done Timothy.. and many thanks for all your support in the past. You have been a tremendous friend to the community.



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for anyone who i bored and wants a project to do i need some one with photoshop to work on my banner  :smile:

here is what i want it to look like



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Clan: [nK] nobody Knows
Region : North America
Thanks for updating this Madoc  :wink:.
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