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I would like to suggest the ability to fully customize a campaign start.
You would be able to:
  • Choose which factions you start the game with, dominated by a particular faction, with x or y factions eliminated
    • Change and choose which settlements each faction holds if any.
  • Change the names of factions, clans, lords... (on a second thought, I don't think it goes in line with TW design)
  • Choose which clans exist, their tier, etc
  • Number of armies, troops, money, enemies and other variables to change the overall strength of factions, clans and Lords
  • Choose of the year you start and what events have already occurred before you start your game
  • Enable/disable main quest and other customization already present in the game
  • Set winning objectives
The idea is to give the player a quick way to get mid or late game experience and test different scenarios that might never occur in a normal campaign.
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Bumping this thread, I think this has great potential.
Some images so you can better see what I'm talking about (other games as an example).
Top left image - Kindgoms Reborn
Top right image - Field of Glory II: Medieval
Bottom image - Port Royale 4
And yeah this would be implemented in the sandbox campaign.
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