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Custom battle tests (1.5.6): Horse archers are insanely OP & Infantry is pointless

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shield wall is slower than normal advance and tighter. guys in the back hold shields up to block more shots. paired with the 100% shield up time. it allows almost 0 shots through, where as the default line formation with advance command they still allow gaps in the ranks and shield drop down windows.

I disagree, those are equivalents as far as I know. Advance doesn't break the tightness of your shield wall but indeed they are slower, Charge does.

if the enemy is waiting in a circle for you to attack. you only need to shoot around 100 arrows at them to make them charge. get 5 horse archers and tell them to go ham 100m from the enemy. and they'll come instead

Well, it's not like I didn't try .. not my first battle either, thanks ! :smile: I disgress I'm not here to ask for help, rather saying I was surprised by your message earlier.
In fact now I've mentioned it, i think it greatly depends of the AI Commander, some Lords won't just use any tactics and rather rush at me, but I didn't bother checking their stats beforehand.


Most games have something like

Horse beats archer and non spear infantry (4/1 ) at least
ie 10 heavy armoured horsemen will easily beat 20 - 30 and will only struggle to beat them when the numbers rise to 40 - 50 infantry /archers

Non spear infantry beats spear infantry (2/1)
Spear infantry beats horse (2/1)

Foot archer beats horse archer but moves slower
( they have bigger stronger bows and can fire further more acurately due to not being on a moving horse )

Arrows beat un armoured (6/1)
Arrows beat lightly armoured (3/1)
Arrows next to useless on heavy armoured (1/10)

Heavy armour offers a large degree of protection to infantry and cavalry especially from arrows
( is usually very expensive and limited to a percentage of your army
It dramatically slows down the wearers and isn't used at all by bowmen )

Crossbows are more accurate three times as accurate ( possibly better armour piercing ) than bowmen but the rate of fire is very very slow in comparison ( 1/5 - 1/10 th of the fire rate ) but crossbowmen can wear heavy armour so in a stand off crossbowmen tend to beat archers but are less effective against unarmed or lightly armoured due to a slower rate of fire

It means every unit has a hard counter and a reason to exist

The main problem I think is that TW are trying to make everything equal because of multi player
They dont want cavalry trampling infantry or any hard counters they want any unit to be able to beat any other unit
or the multi players will only play the best unit the solution is of course to code multiplayer and single player seperate
for some reason I don't think they want to do this

( Idiot proofing games is pointless the world just produces more creative idiots )
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